monday 02/01/2012

Thanks to the inrease in Jim Cr, I will no longer offer the Elvis or the Avatar.

Ill add additional cards..

C blade
Felicia x2
Wayne Stark

sunday 01/01/2012


As the title suggests, I am selling the following chars:

210 * Fixit
205 * MC Decay
160 * Flanagan
125 * Globumm
100 * Janice

I would do a very good price, I sell only the specified chars in front of it the whole amount! This is a top offer when you consider that you must buy these chars on the market in such quantities! For example: Fixit if you would buy on the market 210 of him, in the amount you would pay an average of 7 300 Clintz, at MC Decay would you pay 350/pro map etc. it expects to pay you out easily.

If anyone who has interest is welcome to contact me via pm.
Happy New Year to you allsmiley

Thanks to the modssmiley

I will give Tanaereva Cr, Edd Cr, Robb Cr, and clintz for a Kerozinn cr!
thx mod

I don't suppose you'd place the same value at 0 exp would you?

Now i have some 0XP cards for trade too
2 Kolos

I looked at the market price and added it it is 23,680

Nellie (2992 clintz) and Wendel (3718 clintz) in total, they worth 6710 clintz.
In exchange, I'd like two fully leveled Troompah (2596 clintz*2= 5192 clintz) + 1000 clintz.
If you're interested, do not hesitate to send me a private message.

Thank you, moderators.

I know the market here fluxes and sometimes prices don't match card value all too well but I have a few Skeelz I'm willing to part with for other Skeelz

Here's what I have (and how many I have that I'm willing to part with): Sasha(4), Chiara(1), Greem(4), Manfred(4), Redra(4), Anton(4), Cley(4), Danae(3), Deebler(5), Liam(4), Milton(5), Sandro(4)

Here's what I'm looking for in Skeelz: Belgosi, Carter, Aigwon, Logan, Lorna, Praxie, Saho, Wilhem, Aigwon Noel, Drake, Jessica, Otto, and Snowflake.

If you have offers to make with cards other than Skeelz please pm me with the offer.

(PS: I'm just getting back into the game so I hope my message board ettiquete is up to snuff still. If I did something wrong or unreasonable that moderators won't look at closely, please tell me).

Now also looking for bulk Elvis full exp OR 0 exp. I value both for 6.2k each.

Both sold close plz

saturday 31/12/2011

Ulu Watu:
Miss Lulabee
Reef x 3


I`m looking for Skeelz and Pussycats. What`ve u got?

Kind of a confusing post you got there... But we can trade my Cwing for your Melvin which are kinda equally priced by now.

Got a spare Neloe and C Wing and clintz. I want Skeelz Jay, Praxie, Cwing and Saho but also interested in other cards. Wha`cha got?

I have Ambrose Cr Thaumaturge Cr Dwain Cr

Im looking for a miss twice cr and i will trade 27 kerry and 1 bloodh for a miss twice cr

Thank you Mods for placing this is the right Thread. Opps smiley

- My estimate price is 370k, in cards. (I meant it, 370k, any offer below that amount isn't worth any reply)
- PM please...

Thanks everybody and happy new year's eve! Cheers!


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