sunday 11/12/2011

I really want to know how to trade. It says I am unable to trade characters. My friend and I want to trade but again, neither of us know how. We are new so some help would be greatly appreciated.smiley Thank you fellow players for any info you can give.

Thx again.smiley

I can offer 0xp fixit and bodenpower plus 8k. Pm me to negotiate.

I can also offer 13 Kolos 0xp + 3 Cortez full for Lao CR smiley

I offer my ambrose cr 0exp for Melissa cr, any exp.

contact me in pm smiley

Marco and veenyle cr are full exp!

Lao Cr is gone, still have Marlysa Cr up for trade

Cmon still got em

Still Buying Junkz card like:
Fuzz = 3200
Qubick = 5200
Rowdy = 12000
Taham = 7300
Tremorth = 3000
Gil = 10000
Neil = 2000

Leave Message or send the cards Thanks

My 5 Cealus Cr (full) for your 4 Jackie Cr (full)
My 5 Cealus Cr (full) + 30k for your 4 jackie Cr (0xp)

Leviatonn * sorry for the spelling, i remembered the card name phonetically.


all for 1000 clintz each

I need 2 more

I need 4 peelers...10k each

Ususally i just reply "hehe nice joke" whenever i get those ridiculous offers.

Please send me a pm.

Thank you for posting mods! smiley

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[TRADE] + title
Write the name of the card/s you’re looking for.
Write the name of the card/s you want to give in return.

I want to trade:

3 Vickie Cr (1 Full, 1 level 3, 1 0exp)
5 Tanaereva Cr (3 Full, 2 0exp)
14 Jackie Cr (4 Full, 3 lvl 3 with 0exp, 1 lvl 2 with 0exp, 6 0exp)
15 Geuner Cr (12 Full, 3 0exp)
10 Page Cr (8 Full, 2 0exp)
156 Amiral Py Cr (51 Full, 105 0exp)

This equates to over 7.5m in CRs.
All of these for Lyse Teria Cr.

PM for a faster response.

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