sunday 11/12/2011

Cmon still got em

Still Buying Junkz card like:
Fuzz = 3200
Qubick = 5200
Rowdy = 12000
Taham = 7300
Tremorth = 3000
Gil = 10000
Neil = 2000

Leave Message or send the cards Thanks

My 5 Cealus Cr (full) for your 4 Jackie Cr (full)
My 5 Cealus Cr (full) + 30k for your 4 jackie Cr (0xp)

Leviatonn * sorry for the spelling, i remembered the card name phonetically.


all for 1000 clintz each

I need 2 more

I need 4 peelers...10k each

Ususally i just reply "hehe nice joke" whenever i get those ridiculous offers.

Please send me a pm.

Thank you for posting mods! smiley

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[TRADE] + title
Write the name of the card/s you’re looking for.
Write the name of the card/s you want to give in return.

I want to trade:

3 Vickie Cr (1 Full, 1 level 3, 1 0exp)
5 Tanaereva Cr (3 Full, 2 0exp)
14 Jackie Cr (4 Full, 3 lvl 3 with 0exp, 1 lvl 2 with 0exp, 6 0exp)
15 Geuner Cr (12 Full, 3 0exp)
10 Page Cr (8 Full, 2 0exp)
156 Amiral Py Cr (51 Full, 105 0exp)

This equates to over 7.5m in CRs.
All of these for Lyse Teria Cr.

PM for a faster response.

I have tons of all stars. Message me for the ones you want.

I have 42,000 clintz and a good selection of cards from each clan so pm me please

saturday 10/12/2011

Sorry, it's ~395k together. My bad smiley

Looking to trade fairy for my level 5 copper
hikiyousan wee lee buck oraya

I've got Blaaster. Topic is closed.

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