saturday 04/02/2012

friday 03/02/2012

Shayna and Kenny are gone

I want to trade Spyke for Uranus + 1k

I choose not to list prices because lately the Cr market has been going crazy.

I am willing to go by the lowest offered price unless it seems really unreasonable. My goal is an equal exchange that avoids the tax.

I am also willing to offer an Tanaereva Cr or a Jackie Cr is that makes the trade more appealing.

No thanx I'm loocking for cash smiley

I got my Vickie Cr ,you can close this post now! Thanks Mods!smiley

Not one offer? Since posting this, I've bought several 0xp on the open market for less than 800.

Only Shaakarti Left .I'll buy yours for 26,000 and glorg

I also have 190 Gretchen all 0xp
And over 1,900 Felicia all 0xp.

Let me know and I'll come up with a similar offer for these cards in your favor.


I trade/change 4 Jackie Cr and a Tanaereva Cr against lots of this cards:


If you´re interessed in contact me per pm, so we can trade fast...

Thanks Mods smiley

Sorry but the msg is unclear...
i offer 18k for bulk >200 copies
17k for bulks > 100 copies

I would like to trade my Miss Twice Cr 4* for a Miss Twice Cr full+difference or something equivalent
Use PM for any question

@ babs, I bet you that you will no longer find a guru cr below 10.5M!
check the auctionsmiley

Looking to trade my 10 Jackie Cr 0xp for your full Jackie Crs + some extra's to make up the value gap

These extra's can be in the form of additional Jackies / Clintz / Cards

!!Note!! please before making a offer, look for how fair your offer is! the value gap is in my opinion around 300k-350k, so please only make me a offer if you share this view.

Thank you mods the title smiley

Done. Please close.

Thanks Mods! smiley

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