thursday 29/12/2011

Miss Twice, Nahi, Jakie, not solid enough?

0xp Diyo, Cassio, Seldnor. good?

Sorry that was typo, otherwise one Cassio is more than enough to trade for your NDOLOLO.

Im trade my whole collection of junkz to your pussycats

PM me plz or post here

Good luck for your second research smiley

Any offers

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Frankly tremorh is worth more at the current time cuz of Travis.

Zinfrid is worth 2k

mini moshu is worth 140

Melinda is worth 650

and sayura is worth 180

totaling at 2790

Tremorh is wort 3.5k

you got a better shot at selling on the market.

besides who wants mini moshu

hes nearly as useles as flavio CR

...........still selling

wednesday 28/12/2011

Ok, i traded it, you can close smiley

thanks my english partners smiley

Mods please close thanks

Like the title says i'm trading my tanaereva cr and jackie cr for ombre cr and dwain cr, interested pm me.
(if you dont have those but you have thaumaturge or ambrose pm me aswell)

Nobody wants jimmy??

I'd buy all the cards you do not want that are not at maximum level, 0xp are welcome, as lola noel and those,
go to my private sales, I 150 Clintz for each

Only not full cards, Thankssmiley

I value all of them for 45k. i accept big cards like 0xp Charlie + clintz or 0xp Yayoi's. i also accept lots

Already soled. please close the thread

As title.
you can pm me if you have a lao full exp

thanks you all
thanks mod

I offer 400k cash + completion cards

Buying Caelus Cr for 85k asap

Hello everyone! I'm looking for the following cards (single copy):

I'm offerig very usefull CRs like
Robb CR
Smokey CR
Jackie CR
Caelus CR 0xp
Tanaereva CR
Veenyle CR
Noodile CR

I will favour offers including all the 3 cards I'm looking for. Small clinz adjustents are wellcome. No timewaste, I value each card according to current market price! Please PM me if interested!

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