friday 03/02/2012

Hey im looking for Z3r0 D34d, i was wondering if you still had him. ill buy him or trade for him. I am new so i dont have many clintz or cards but ill make an attempt. if what i have isnt satisifing for you than would you be nice enough to let me know if you find someone who would?

Lamar cr full 520k
2 0 exp jackie cr 165k each
i'm looking for Elo legal and playable cards specifically:
other berzerks and vortex cards
pm with any offers though smiley

I have for trade ALL 0exp.

Shann x3
Loocio x 17
Nakata x30
Fei x 6
Grudj x8
Oren x13
Anibal x3
Nyema x13
Pegh x10
Adler x 65
Askai x 5
Naginata x14
Archibald x31
Spiaghi x9
Oshitsune x9
Ulrich x8
Taljion x 40
Noemi x11
Muze x50
Chwing x15
Lucia x4
Harold x30
Oxen x21

Looking for copies of Eebiza, Heitachi, Troompah, Jimmy, Hefty, Oraya, Dugan, X-0DUS (All of them 0exp).... I also accept playable crs jugables or other offers Thanks mods

Deal done please close

I would like around 675000 for her in clintz or cards. I like usable crs but i will consider any good offers. Private messages are best.

thursday 02/02/2012

I"m looking for your Emeth and I'm willing to trade my Marco Cr for them. I want 2 Emeth for every 1 Marco I put up.

2 Emeth = 1 Marco Cr
40 Emeth = 20 Marco cr

Thanks Mods.

I'm looking to trade my blaaster cr for dregn send me a mess and let me know thanks smiley

Hello, I sell or exchange ...

-lot1: 127 Kobalth oxp > 125K

-lot2: 100 Revok oxp > 120K

-lot3: 100 Revok oxp > 120K

-lot4: 100 Melanie oxp > 120K

-lot5: 100 Miho oxp + 60 Revok oxp > 120K

i accept the cards from 10 000 or +

Trade a cortez full xp (70k on market) for a marco cr any xp (48k on market) plus complement

the complement can be cards or clintz your choice

drop me a pm if your interested

thanks modssmileysmiley

I'll give a lil discount if it's all clintzsmiley

I got my deal, please close this thread.

Offer splata and 4 noodile.

Come on people ! :>

I been wanting to sell cealus for a liitle while soo here it is:

cards i want for him:
playable CRs
Cards of la Junta clan

make your offer!

Hello .

looking forward to buying these characters in bulk
valuing each
Flanagan for 500 each
Flinch for 340 each
Mantiz for 650 each

i am offering Clintz only .

Interested parties can Pm me for a faster response
Open to Negotiations

thanks mods

For multiple copies of Flanagan and Flinch

pm me if anyone is interested .

serious offers only . ty mods

Hello I would like to trade robb cr for a cortez, I will add clintz if needed.

thank you

What's a sample letter?

Jackie cr is a lot more then 115k..

and i am amazed at why mods will allow this thread if the cards arent listed.... unbelievable

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