monday 19/02/2018

Kalindra is gone my Alec is left I also have a Marco Cr that will go nicely with him.

In your ps
Thank you smiley

I offer sorts of cards for about 30 va heckton 0xp, jus pm if you got some to give and we cn work something out, hes about 7k a pop

smiley Only need 20 more

sunday 18/02/2018

52 noctezuma cr, 47 0xp and 5 full for u guru cr

Want a Junkz card for Striker Cr

edited by Cthulhu_MoB sunday 18/02/2018, 21:50

I'll trade my harrow LD for your harrow LD

85M cash for your B5


im looking to trade my 13 Arturo 0 XP for one Glover any exp. smiley

Please write me a private message.Peace.

I am looking for Eleanore and I value her at 6k/t That is 2k over the true market price

my avaliable lots are
Ludmilla 830 1200/t
Ector 202 1200/t
Simeon 6000/t
Sledg Cr 5 84k/t

As you can tell I am undervaluing my cards, and over valuing Elanor. If you want different prices let me know!!! all my lots need to go!

Winner is aladin

I can offer 20 of them for 34k each.

Hey i'm looking for Zaveli any xp ( mostly 0 xp) for my #Robert Coob full xp

Maybe put an evaluation on Gil Cr? That would be good. Also is there a specific clan you are looking at for the "8/8" you want?

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