tuesday 06/12/2011

47 copies

only selling them all together for

560k which is about 12 k per card

I am looking kerozinn cr and offer in return

2 Kolos 0exp
Shaakarti 0exp
Uranus 0exp
GraksmxxT 0exp
Marco Cr full

Selling my Ambrose Cr 0xp
for Ambrose Cr full + cash

contact me via pm if interested
thanks mod


Done thanks, post can be closed

I Trade my rass cr 0 xp, I look this cards ( I have complement of 15k) :

Kerozinn CR
Jackie CR
Tanaevera Cr
Vickie cr

My rass cr 0 xp for your elya cr + kerozinn cr + complement of 50k

Directly trade with Vickie Cr will also do smiley

Hello I have a Lao Cr up for sell / trade.

Pure cash offer would come around 1.1kk

Cards interested in:
Jackie Cr
Cealus Cr
Marco Cr

Contact me if intrested.

Thank you Mods

Selling him Market Price, his price atm is 1m...
and Looking for copies of Edd, Blaaster, Graks, Kolos, Caelus, Cortez, Dregn
and Looking for
Lamar Cr
Vickie Cr

Trading for sentinels. i will trade for his current market value. PM me for more info.

Dragan Cr traded...others still available

Are you willing to go to current market price?

I have 300 0xp marty
I value the whole bulk at 120 000 clintz
I'll only sell/trade as the whole bulk (all 300 of 'em in one sell/trade)

I'm looking for either one of the following:
- 120 000 clintz in cash
- Jackie Cr
- 4 veenyle Cr
- 7 Noodile Cr
- 60-70 Artus
- You could also create your own reasonable offer

If interested, PM me instead of posting here for a faster response
Thanks mods...

Any and all offers appreciated, especially those which include Cr's which hold a use in the game. Post here or PM me.


I have a DJ Korr and am looking for a Kiki + around 2.5M. Anyone interested PM me.

monday 05/12/2011

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Lol wasteoftime your username could NOT be more fitting

Which one are you looking for?

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