tuesday 31/01/2012

At the market price (actually around 2500).
However, please contact me in private or here for serious offers.

Thanks Collegues smiley

Like the title says, anyone have some spare Chads to trade?

Definitely go Newblood. A lot of of the new cards simply destroy some of the old cards, and because they've been getting more attention they're also worth more on the market.

Trading a maxxed lvl Tank for a Gheist of equal value with Poison ability.

Selling these cards... hmu and msg me

Could have done the deal if your Hefty is (3.2k a Piece/month average price).
Anyway I don't haggle. So don't PM me unless you and the Market met each other's prices.

And Xu52 - Max 9k
Morphun - Max 18k
Fixit - Max 4k
Chloe - Max 3k
El Gringo - Max 5k
Terry CR - Max 10k

*Elvin, I meant Elvis

Trading maxxed lvl Ice Jim for a Gheist of equal value.

I think they are trading there's for one of the cards listed above good luck finding a trade

Now Offer 165 000...don't be shy...

Hello once again, for those who might know me...if not well then... Hello!

I am looking to trade my Jackson for some particular skeelz members. The trade is to take place once a certain margin has been fulfilled the margin is explained below.

Jackson is worth just about 5,000 clintz, the real number is 4,965 I believe, but that's subject to change by the minute for better or worst so we are going to use the number 5,000 makes life simple. listed below here is a list of skeelz members I do not have. If the combined value of what you wish to offer is equal or in the area of 5,000...say 4,900 - 5,100, then the trade is good to go. If you have more or less I will be willing to pay you up to 1,000 more in bonus. so if your combined total is only 4,000, then I will give you 1,000 or it it's 6,000 then I will give you 1,000. Now that that's done the cards are below.

Sandra - 300
Saho - 415
Zeke - 659
Sasha - 2,700
Wilhem - 400
Praxie - 16,000 (speacial conditions apply for this card, pm me for more details)
Greem - 2,299
Dwan - 2,200
Damian - 1,099
Aigwon - 460 (I have the noel version of this card and their exactly the same, so it is worth less to me)
Corvus - 5,049 (equal trade)
Chwing - 800
Belgosi - 3,349
Anton - 300

So there you have it.

Thread closed.

monday 30/01/2012


I am searching a lot of Rolph:
I valute a Rolph full 6200-6400 Clintz and 6900-7000 0XP that´s depend of the quantity of the lot you´ll offer me...

I change my Edd Cr against some Rolph.
I´ve 27 Edd Cr to change...

Coconut smiley

Thx Mods smiley

Missclicked > 6 Edd Cr

Im looking to sell cealus cr. can you give me a offer?

playable Crs
cards of La junta clan

the offer must be equal or higher to the market value of Cealus cr

Of gretchen full + 25 000 clintz for garkxmnxxt

Selling marco cr from a price range of 49,000 to 51,000 clintz

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