monday 05/12/2011

Which one are you looking for?

My tessa cr full exp for your blaaster.....
good game

ps: not for one blaaster but more....because there is someone that think i'll trade for only one blaaster....smiley

Oops, meant bunch lol

thanks mods smiley

For 10 Shaakarti I will make the change smiley

If your taking taking bids then your title should have said: [Auction] My 0 exp Jeffrey
Reminder your asking for an auction but the title says selling.
Im just trying to help the admins smiley just because they must get tired of correctiong people who don't know the rules

Been sold thanks smiley

Looking for

deea Oxp : 2000/ea
Heegrn Oxp : 1800/ea

What ?! Nobody has any extra of the Big 5 they are looking to unload? smiley

Seriously though, I'm still looking to purchase either Kiki Cr , General Cr, or Guru Cr smiley

What cards you looking for i need a cortez and I have a bunch of doubles including a few rares to trade

Trading 2 Diana's + 1k clintz for your Gil

I trade my ombre cr 0exp for ombre cr full + 30k clintz...send me a pm if you are interested

thanks mod

Youre asking for 62k...
youre offering 57k...

way to go in asking for extra 5k smiley

just wait for heitachi to drop

Any offers welcome, am looking preferably at cards around the same value which hold a use in the game. For example Vicky Cr or Tessa Cr. Thank you

Stella For Stella
Shan for Belgosi, Carter, and Eloxia

Ok so it doesnt matter anymore im taking the offer down thanks anyway

If you have a full exp Tanaereva Cr, I would like to trade you for it. I will also value it at 195,000 clitz even though it has been most recently sold for 185,000.

Ask for what you like. Some suggested items that I can trade are: 0 exp Cortez, Marco Cr, Robb Cr, 2x 0 exp Noodile Cr, many cards worth around 5k (Pastor, Oshitsune, Fixit, Diana...), up to 50,000 in clitz

Message me here, or pm me for a faster reply.


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