saturday 24/12/2011

1 Nahi 2 star
3 Page Cr 0xp
1 Cassio 0xp
2 diyo 0xp
2 seldnor 0xp
2 Chad Bread Cr full
6 Noodile Cr 0xp

Still looking~

I offer jackie tanaerna and caelus cr
i am looking for any cards above 5000 clintz

Might wanna hold off, Harrow Ld should be coming back soon and sure Lamar will increase in price...

Dregn - 0 EXP
Blaster CR - Full
Yayoi - 0 EXP
Ghumbo - Full
Kenny - Full
Striker - 0 EXP
for Tanaereva CR - Level 3

Pm me if you want to trade
Ty mods

friday 23/12/2011

I also buy Kolos for 10k. I need it badly. Ty to those, who will offer me. smiley

Thanks everyone, but i dont need anymore cards, you can close this mods.

I would like to trade my full xp Kolos for your 0 xp Kolos

i will add 1k clintz for every Kolos

i can also add Cards if bulk of Kolos is needed cards such as Nistarok

pm me for faster response


PL_pwned02 smiley

Well, as title says, I would like to trade Splata Cr for Vickie Cr + 20k in other cards( i would prefer few good cards rather than bulk of cheap)
PM me if you have some offer)

Sale another bulk of 1000 akiko ( 580 are 0xp) for 400/for one
and a bulk of 50 taylor (25 are 0xp) for12k/for one

I'll buy her immediately. price is negotiable though. smiley

5 0xp Cards for 1 Full Xp or Half or Zero as long as its an Emeth... Any Buyers?


Chad Bread Cr
Diyo Cr
Page Cr

Interested in bulks of:
Murray (some)
Na Boh (some)

Please list cards here, or pm me.

I value both around 400k. Let me know how manny of each you offer.

Only looking for offers in the 1, 2,or 3 card trades.
Let me know

Cards i have to offer
graksmxxt full
uranus full
spyke 0xp
hawk full
gil full xp
rowdy full
troompah 0xp
and 20k in clintz

PM me for the fastest response

My Vickie Cr, Blaaster Cr, Edd Cr, Ambre + missing Clintz

for your Tessa Cr

PM or post here if interested

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