monday 30/01/2012

Still Looking for Tessa Cr , Splata Cr and dragan Cr

still have all 913 kostners too.

Reply to Ceisha: It was more of a collector thing, but If someone were to offer, I would have tried everything in my power to get them. I have quite a few rare cards, but the trade has been made and I am closing the thread.

Deal made, please close

Thank you smiley

I am in search of a lot of Edd Cr, any XP
Currently, his price is hovering at around 30,000, so here are my offers:

Marco Cr + Complement (around 10k) for 2 Edd Cr
Robb Cr + Complement (around 2-3k) for 2 Edd Cr
Veenyle Cr + Complement (around 10k) for Edd Cr
Ambre + Complement (around 6-7k) for Edd Cr
Copper + Complement (around 2-3k) for Edd Cr
Hikiyousan + Wee Lee + Complement (around 2-3k) for Edd Cr

If interested in any one of my offers, just PM straight away instead of posting here.
The amount of complement I will give will simply depend on the prices of Edd Cr and my offered cards at the time of the transaction.

Thank you all

Willing to buy jackie cr with clintz and some cards

Almost every cr's overpriced
I think that all of the big 5 are overpriced WAY OVERPRICED

sunday 29/01/2012

I want to buy Dregn for 72k

Hi guys
i'm looking for a 0xp blaaster
pm for trade !

thanks !

Looking for around 34k for Shaakarti and 11k for C Wing.
I would do a combination of clintz and cards, just clintz, or just cards.
PM me for the fastest response.

Pm me
I'll make the trade listed in the title

100 Melanie oxp 130K
100 Miho oxp 60K
290 Revok oxp 360K
255 Deea(110 oxp) 800K
130 Kobalth oxp 140K
270 Elvis oxp 2700K
100 Fixit oxp 550K
72 Taylor oxp 800K

possibility accept graks and jackie cr in lots !!!!!

I have 1 Heitachi (0 XP, at level 1) to trade and I`m looking for 1 Angie (doesn`t matter what level) and 2000 clintz.
PM me with your offers.

Thanks, mods smiley

I'm looking to trade 2 Spyke 0xp for a Edd Cr any xp. PM me if interested.

A deal has been agreed on. Shall close subject as soon as deal goes through smiley

Vickie has gone and I no longer want Kerozinn.


I trade/sell the following cards:

610 Miho
555 Kostner
470 Norman
330 Revok
300 Meroo

-they´re all mixed between 0XP and Full EXP.

18 Marco Cr Full
17 Edd Cr Full

-some of this cards are 0XP but not all...

I´ve not a fixied price to sell, but I´ll take the best offer I get.

Thanks Mods & Op smiley

Lol. Stating your reserve price. You might as well have just started the auction there....

I just want them gone.

To buy them all right now, 550k.
2000 = 400k
1000 = 200k
500 = 100k

From today, the 29th of January to two weeks from now, the 12th of February.

Looking for almost anything in return at around these values, Crs, expensive cards, bulk of vaguely expensive (5k+), but not bulk of other inexpensive stuff.

Thanks mods

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