wednesday 21/12/2011

I trade my GraksmxxT and 12000 clintz for your tsubame.

If you want to trade pm me.


I am looking to trade my Marlysa Cr, for muliple copies of your:
- Cealus Cr
- Jackie Cr
At least one type of these cards have to be in the main offer! So don't waist your time offering big amounts of other cards.

I understand Marlysa Cr is an expensive card, and you might not have the amount of Jackie Cr and/or Cealus Cr to get to a fair value. Therefore I will also accept complements next to the main offer of the Jackies/Cealus:
I will also accept some cortez / dregn / yayoi / charlie.

But make sure either Jackie Cr or Cealus Cr or a combination represents the largest fraction of your offer!

Tnx Mods!

Is anyone generous enough to sell me an ambre for 19000 clintz? smiley

I'm looking for a Tessa Cr. Full is fine.

I offer my
5 Marco Cr 0xp
Blaaster Cr 0xp
Cassio Cr 0xp
2 Ongh 0xp
Copper 0xp
Selma 0xp

When I last checked this offer was worth about 520k.

I can also replace Blaaster Cr with Kolos 0xp + cards or clintz.

Hmmm... I may hafta wait a coupla months until this exact offer becomes worth a mil or so more. lol

I'll also accept clintz as well, doesn't have to be reef smiley

tuesday 20/12/2011

Thread can be closed.

Thanks mods

No offers?

im now doing 120 yookies for tanaereva cr only

Card sold. Noodile for sale, if anonyone interessed we can have a deal.

I am desperately looking for a Graksmxxt
I would propose as an exchange adjustment Kolos +

thank you modsmiley

Do you have any other gheist cards like ludmilla luba vladimir nina or methane? if so. pls do pm me smiley

I change or bandage:
12 Jakson 0xp/the unit = 5 k
16 Diana 0xp/the unit = 6,5 k
Look for some Cr as Jackie Cr, Miss Twice Cr, or others...
Also I look for Spyke's lots.
Also I look for any card as Charlie, Copper, Dalhia, Numar, Ongh, Shaakarti, Dagg, etc...
Also I agree cash. I listen to all kinds of offers =)

Only for 1000 gretchen
please send me a pm
thnks modssmiley

My Kerozzin cr, Robb cr, Blaaster cr and 40k for your tessa hit me back if interested

Send me pm with offers =)..thanks mod =)

Okay, I am willing to offer 5K above market price, just so I don't have to go through the hassle of selling cards, just to get a Nahi Cr.

I need 0xp Kolos just pm me for faster response and also to negotiate about the compliment thing

thanks mod


Morphun 0xp
Ahkab 0xp
Chiara 0xp
Murray 0xp
Jauyta 0xp

I am trading all these cards for Graxs

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