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friday 06/04/2012

1st trade has a little problem.. sorry.. Pause it smiley

I have sell marlysa cr , thanks to all

Try selling all the cards and offering clintz

Im looking for kenny as well

i have spyke karrion stella for trade.. all 0xp

thursday 05/04/2012

Heh, trade your overly priced unusable card in order to do what with it? trade it off again for 85k less than what you're selling for? Hmm, yeah I'll trade >.>

I am looking for Jackie Cr.
I am offering these cards for her: Kolos(0xp), Cortez, Emeth, Fei, Kusuri.
PM for deal or negotiations.

My exact price is Kerozinn smiley But offers are taken

Robb Cr + Smokey Cr + Jackie Cr + Edd Cr for your Melissa?

Go to your collection and click on "sell this character". An extra screen appears which says:
"A minimum of 50 Clintz and the bank keeps 5% of the final sale price"

I don't think this should be in this section, but since it is the bonus, it needs 2 card from same clan for the bonus to avtivate

I sold it.
Please close the post . thanks moderators

And a tessa cr

Looking for a Mona 19k at the least and 20k at the most. Please message me if you can help!

[BUY] Alec Cr
100000-110000 clintz

30 veenyle cr 0xp

Any interest? id prefer to trade than sell on market

I now value sigmund Cr at 600k my offer still stands smiley

Sry, didn't mean ghumbo, meant that other guy...glorg

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