monday 05/12/2011

Ok so it doesnt matter anymore im taking the offer down thanks anyway

If you have a full exp Tanaereva Cr, I would like to trade you for it. I will also value it at 195,000 clitz even though it has been most recently sold for 185,000.

Ask for what you like. Some suggested items that I can trade are: 0 exp Cortez, Marco Cr, Robb Cr, 2x 0 exp Noodile Cr, many cards worth around 5k (Pastor, Oshitsune, Fixit, Diana...), up to 50,000 in clitz

Message me here, or pm me for a faster reply.


sunday 04/12/2011

I give Ryuichi for Kolos, as you ask

I'll give up Ongh, Sylth, Morphun, Niva, & Nyema for Alec Cr. Along with 12,221 Clintz. You're BASICALLY getting your money's worth, excluding about 3-5k.. Anyone interested in helping me out? smiley

Hi, I am looking to purchase Kolos for 55,000 clitz (or equivalent in trade). The market price on this card fluctuates and to ave myself from continuously refreshing the page, I was wondering if anyone would like to sell me theirs for this price. Please PM me.


I trade ombre cr full.
PM me for offers! smiley

20 cherry 0xp

Yes of course i don't see this word
im sorry im french and my english isn't good

ran75 pm me for kolos please

I have a oxp jay and looking for a lorna

Im looking to trade 9 Fixit 0xp + 1 Jakson 0xp or full for a Graks smiley
Please PM me if intrested

Continued: Trade chad bread cr for 0xp vermyn n plus clintz or another card of bangers
Pm me for quicker response

My 0xp Spyke for your Lorna any level

Looking to trade my Uranus for Lorna +/or Oraya Leave me a msg or comment here

I'd like to trade these cards for tanaereva cr:

robb cr full xp
kolos 0xp
kreen cr 0xp
noodile cr 0xp

i'll add some cards depending on his price on the market, pm me for negotiations.

All with a combined value of 22k with 7k clintz added aswell

1x copper , 0xp prefereblly but if not full will do

I have a full exp Cortez and i want to trade it for Dregn.
Send me a PM if you want to trade and i will start the trade.

I'm sorry I was using the mobile app and I finished the post by mistake.


Kerozinn cr

Pm me for quicker response and thanks mods :thumbsup

I'm still looking for offers

I have an Elya Cr I'm willing to trade. I also have Diyo Cr or Most of them around 100 K.
Pm me if you have a combination you would like.

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