friday 20/01/2012

Looking to trade my full xp Alec Cr for Caelus Cr any xp + some clintz (maybe 1k?)

Found a great trade for her smiley

Close please

thursday 19/01/2012

I think the title says enough

39 jakson market value : 172 000 clintz ( will be updated i know he will raise smiley )
looking for hmm dont know it yet best offer wins of course smiley

pm me for a bid please

thx mods smiley

I have them both pm me please?

Hello I am Coco smiley


4 Marco Cr 0Xp
1 Edd Cr 0Xp
111 Arnie full & 0 Xp
20 Diana 0Xp

to trade. If you interessed in write me a private message and your offer smiley

Thx Mods :*)

Here are my cards up for Trade:
Robb Cr (Full)
5x Revok (0xp)
Sylth (0xp)
30x Flanagan (Full)
Bloodh (0xp)
Oshitsune (0xp)
Noodile Cr (0xp)
3x C Wing (Full)
3x Cyb Lhia (Full)

Here is what I am looking for:
Spyke (0xp)
Dagg (0xp)
Oflgn (0xp)
Kreen Cr (Full)
Ongh (Full)
Copper (Full)
Sylth (Full)
Emeth (Full)

Still have enough noodiles for 2 trades more

For 500k.....if interessed mail me smiley

I value Caelus CR at 100k, and I have the following cards to offer to trade

Sigmund CR at 500k
Miss Twice CR at 200k

Also buying Caelus for 95k cash
Thanks mod

310 Elvis 0xp to an inferior price to the market !

Please, PM
And Marlyssa Cr is more then 1kk

UPD: Marlyssa 0xp

edited by (US)Pinguino thursday 19/01/2012, 11:56

Got 5 so far - just shows that it never hurts to ask smiley

Thanks smiley

Still looking for more though lol


I also have cash, for Dagg 0 xp

i estimate dagg 44 000 clintz now!!!

Greetings all UR players smiley

I am in search of not 1 but 2!! Tanaereva Cr 0exp!! he's such a pain to find a worth trade for and so i have these cards to offer!

i offer:
3 Alec Cr Full (108k each / total 324k)
2 Copper Cr 0exp (30k each / total 60k)
GraksmxxT Full (48k)
Total : 432k for 2 Tanaereva Cr. i am looking for 0exp Tana's but ill accept and consider any offer with Tana in it. i value Full Tanaereva Cr at 200k and 0exp Tanaereva Cr for 215k each

PM me for a faster response

Thanks Mods for Posting smiley

All 3 Ambrose Cr have been traded smiley

wednesday 18/01/2012

Still looking... at least for x-0dus , send an offer plz

Caelus + dregn is about 175k so ill add 30k
pm me if you want this trade

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