wednesday 25/01/2012

Guru cr's official price now is 8'700'000!

tuesday 24/01/2012

I mean u could trade but then there is always idk what like 5 dm and u got the clintz...

First of all thanks for offer smiley
Sorry but i refuse again, because on market the low price of Lamar Full is 490k, and the low price of Lamar 0exp is 585k, so there's 95k different for the 2 version, and asking 40k in cards is good for me smiley

And now i advise all there's only this:
1) MY Lamar 0exp for YOUR Lamar full + 40k cards

Thanks mods

100 0xp Eloxia for trade (I value at 500k)

Looking for doubles of either noodile cr or chad bread cr:

26 0xp noodile cr for my 100 0xp eloxia
28 full xp noodile cr for my 100 xp eloxia


12 0xp Chad Bread cr for my 100 0xp eloxia
13 full xp chad bread cr for my 100 0xp eloxia

Pm me for faster response

thanks mods

These is what i have to sell now
Greow 0xp 3.3k
Ronald 0xp 0.7k
2x Rodney 0.8k
Adler 0xp 1.3k
Hystrix 0xp 1.8k

Kronnen 0xp 0.7k

Timmy 0xp 0.7k

Melanie 0xp 1.1k

Fang Pi Clang
Xia Leming 0xp 0.6k
Nakata 0xp 0.8k
Kati 0xp 1.4k
Kuei 0xp 9.5k

Hello guys
i would like to trade my Kiki Cr 0xp for a Kiki Cr full + 100K cash or in Cards

The following cards i would accept:
Hattori (7k)
Tomas (5k)
Raeth (6,5k)
Ray (10k)
Rolph (6,5k)
Olga (11,5k)

PM me or write here

THX mods

Trade done, please close the topic

Also looking for bulk dorian and zatman

Hello people i trade the following cr for some copies of caelus cr , i only accept 0exp copies

Alec Cr 0xp -> caelus cr 0exp
Robb cr full + Kreen Cr 0xp +5k-> caelus cr 0exp
Smokey Cr 0xp+ Blaaster Cr full+Seldnor Cr 0xp+2 Marco Cr (1 0xp)-> 3 caelus cr 0exp
10x Edd Cr (3 0exp+7full) -> 3 caelus cr 0exp
3 Veenyle Cr 0xp + chad bread cr->caelus cr 0exp
miss twice cr 0xp + 10k-> 2 caelus cr 0exp

if you are interested contact me here or in pm

thanks mod smiley

Hi all, I'm looking forward to trade my Dragan Cr full xp vs a Tessa cr (any xp) + 215 000 clintz in cash or cards. Post here or leave me a PM. Thanks

Thank you moderators for accepting my subject, good game all

I'm looking for marlysa cr :

> Dragan Cr 0xp (ca. 830k) +
> Jackie Cr full (ca. 130k) +
> Caelus Cr full (ca. 100k)
> 1.060.000c

and for Kerozinn cr

> 8x Sylth 0xp (8x25k = 200k) +
> 1xKolos 0xp (ca. 56k) +
> 4xYayoi 0xp (4x24k ca.96k) +
> 70k Cash
> 432k

I have 45 Robb cr im willing to teade at market price. 60k atm
3 are 0xp
im looking for larger crs such as splata , sigmund, tessa dragan etc

Message if you want to sell your bulk of jefferies and we could negotiate

My vickie cr for 600 radek (negotiable) PM me please smiley

thanks mods

I have 950 Carlito all Full XP which I am willing to sell for 185250. Which is 195 Clints per card.

Mainly looking for clints but will also take card offers or a mix of both. Looking for no cards in particular just something of equal value to 185k

PM for faster response.

Hi everyone. i am looking for a Spyke. i am offering a chiko cr + 2k

pm me or make a secure trade

Also interested in Swidz Cr, also adding a Numar

Its because you have no more clintz

it sometimes takes a while to update the ammount of clintz you have

if you sell a card it will give you correct ammount

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