tuesday 24/01/2012

Its because you have no more clintz

it sometimes takes a while to update the ammount of clintz you have

if you sell a card it will give you correct ammount

I offer these Cards

Loretta, Beef, Drummond, Darril, Esther, Jeffrey, Norman, Lola Noel, Melanie, Melinda,Rudy, Vivian, Mini Mosu, Ralph, Sung Tsu, Candice, Milton, Liamm, Beetenka, Franki Hi, Hefty, Glenn, Tyler, Kronnen, Lovhak, Baba, Esmeralda, Flanagan, Harleen, Katrina, Meyen,Mantiz, Pan, Piotr, Wanda, Jimmy, Craho + clintz para completar

I´m looking for all the All Stars at 0xp clan except Loretta. (Most of mine are 0xp too)

(I think I missed the title on my previous post. Sorry and Thnx modssmiley)

Does anyone have a spare Marco Cr or Alec Cr just lying around? I really need one, thanks!


I Buy some Spyke 0 xp 14 000 clintz head !

If u have many Spyke 0 xp i can also make an offer with some nice Cr, !

ThX MoD,

Im looking to trade for your rolph i also have some clintz but im trying to mainly do trades

cards to trade include but are not limited to:
40 edwin
35 dreen
30 gordon
22 revok

monday 23/01/2012

Hi all,
i offer:
2 Kolos (1 0xp)
2 Copper 0xp
grak 0xp
Uranus 0xp
Dagg 0xp
Ombre Cr (or another cr of the same prize)
55k clintz

thnks mods smiley

I value my 0 exp Kolos at 58k
I am looking for:
Edd Cr - 33.9k
Mona - 19k
Avola - 5.2k

I understand prices are subject to change based on market value. I am willing to negotiate price per cards or other cards (montana or not). Clintz is also an acceptable filler.
Pm for faster response,
Thanks mods

Please mail me your price or offer trade.

Have Lola looking for Revok Boyle and maybe Cortez

First you need to discuss the trade with another player through PM or on the mkt threads to agree on a trade.
To set up the trade, simply click on a player's name, then click on "Create a Secure Trade" in the pop up window. From the secure trade window, you'll select the cards you'd like to trade and enter the right amount of clintz, then submit the proposal. It's pretty self-explanatory from there.smiley

I sell my elya cr. I look for in exchange 100 Grudj 0xp
I can also accept deea arkn esmeralda neloe warren all 0xp. PM I.smiley

Good evening in all

I correct my kiki cr is 0 exp, nobody interested?

All lots have been traded and this thread is closed ! smiley

Got it close this pls thanks =)

9 Marco Cr full exp (49,000 clintz each)
1 Edd Cr full exp (31.000 clintz)
3 Robb Cr, 2 full exp and 1 0 exp (57.000 clintz each)

Tot.: 645.000 clintz

I still need 8 Blaaster Cr smiley

1 p-full Wee-lee and one lvl 3 weelee straight up for Edd...Message me asap

Hello everybody, I'm looking for a Guru Cr full xp. Here is what I can offer:

lyse teria cr
plus a supplement

If you are interested, feel free to pm me anytime.
Thank you

The leviatonn possibility is no longer available

Selling 540 Flanagans 725clintz a Pop

Leave Offers in CR's (good Investment once this card leaves NB)

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