monday 23/01/2012

1 p-full Wee-lee and one lvl 3 weelee straight up for Edd...Message me asap

Hello everybody, I'm looking for a Guru Cr full xp. Here is what I can offer:

lyse teria cr
plus a supplement

If you are interested, feel free to pm me anytime.
Thank you

The leviatonn possibility is no longer available

Selling 540 Flanagans 725clintz a Pop

Leave Offers in CR's (good Investment once this card leaves NB)

Selling gil from 12-15k clintz...

Like the title, i am ofering 10 Graks 0 xp and i want 35 spyke 0 xp in return !


sunday 22/01/2012

I have found it, you can close the thread
thank you mods

Trade this for your Vickie Cr;
1 Noodile Cr + 1 Edd Cr + 1 Charlie 0xp + 2 Rowdy + 3 Spyke 0xp + 1 Dagg + 250000


I want to trade a 0xp tanaereva cr for a full xp tanaereva plus comp

The comp can be clintz or cash.

0xp tanaereva atm on market is 245k
full xp tanaereva is 214,500

So the gap is 31.5k which can be covered in clintz or cash

cards interested in:
Tsubame (and ill add clintz or cards to cover gap)

pm me for quicker response

Thanks modssmiley

Still looking....

Saw tsubame 0xp at 58k my offer stands smiley

I have some extras to trade. Looking for a Charlie, Any XP. The cards I have to trade are:
Taylor 0xp
Nyema fullxp
Linda 0xp
Eduardo fullxp
C Beast 0xp
Pegh fullxp
Glorg 0xp
Lost Hog 0xp
Total = About 40K - Charlie = about 37K
I also have a few other extras I can trade if these don't work. PM with offers for faster response.

Im offering my spyke 0xp for both of them...
pm me if interested or send me a secure trade for faster response

thanks mods!

Trading Lulabee for Oraya

I'm currently looking to trade Cortez, who's market value is appx. 67k at the moment for Robb Cr (57k) and Marina (17k). I would be willing to provide a card compliment to shore up the deal. Say, Naginata? Ray? PM me if you are interested.

Chan and fei gone

leaving cash to 29500

staples of rescue except aurora, please pm if deal. smiley

If bought with clintz 170k

also interested in crs either equal to or greater value

negotiations on price can be made through pm

either post here or send me a pm with offers

I'm interested in tanaereva cr 210k or any Cr Around his price I have Smokey Cr full xp to make up for the difference if 0xp I will also throw in nobrodroid 0xp

Trading Gil for any Vortex cards but i need Oflgn in there

Too expensive!
PM me if you want to review your price.



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