saturday 21/01/2012

*I am only interested in a Jackie Cr on your side.


I trade 18 Marco Cr and 6 Edd Cr one of the edd cr is 0XP
The cards I am interessed in are:

Wee Lee

if you´re interessed in write me a private message.


Thks at thegentile MOD´s smiley


I´ve 12 Marco Cr 0 XP and 6 Marco Cr FULL that I´ll trade.
I also accept FULL Marco Cr + compliment against my Marco Cr 0XP. I value marco FULL 50.000 and my 0XP 55.000 Clintz. If you like trade my marcos against other (playable Cr´s, please) chars just contact me per private mail smiley

Coconut smiley

Thanks Mods...smiley

Sorry just sold my Leviatonn for 13k you should PM if you want faster replies

@babs: thanks for the support =]

@just jess: I only have 100

I have a fairly large supply of cards from both Junkz and Montana. The reason some cards are more expensive then their market price is because I have a lot of them or they are more valuable as a pfull.
Acid DC (39 Full XP, 12 0XP) I value them at 7,500
Brandon (72 Full XP, 18 Lvl 1/2) I value them at 14,000
Bunny (39 Full XP, 2 0XP) I value them at 8,600
Crystal (4 Full XP, 3 Lvl 3, 13 Lvl 2, 1 0XP) I value them at 9,500
Dash (9 Full XP, 6 0XP) I value them at 12,200
Flyer (20 Full XP, 7 0XP) I value them at 5,700
Kawan (20 Full XP, 1 Lvl 3, 13 Lvl 2, 8 0XP) I value them at 23,500
Keanew (36 Full XP, 5 0XP) I value them at 28,700
Otakool (61 Full XP, 3 Lvl 2, 13 0XP) I value them at 24,000
Aldo (104 Full XP, 9 Lvl 2, 12 0XP) I value them at 18,750
Flesh Pimp (71 Full XP, 7 Lvl 3, 11 Lvl 2, 69 0XP) I value them at 95,000
Mort Bax (123 Full XP, 2 0XP) I value them at 20,500
Pino (380 Full XP, 150 0XP) I value them at 105,000
Ricardo (31 Full XP, 9 0XP) I value them at 5,600
Simon (24 Full XP, 5 0XP) I value them at 6,000
Zodiack (69 Full XP, 2 Lvl 2, 31 0XP) I value them at 35,500

The total for all these cards is 420,050
I am willing to trade for Vickie Cr who is 435k At the moment. I will add another 30k to my offer to make it worth 450k giving you 25k profit. If someone wants to buy all the cards I am selling I can sell for a discounted 20k and make it 400k for all of them as long as it's pure clints.

I am valuing Kerozinn 0xp at 400K.

My most preferred trade would be for 4 Caelus CR any exp, but I am open to any offers.

Please pm to discuss. Thanks mod!

Why would I pay that much when I can buy the entire clan on the market right now for 164,815?
might wanna think about adjusting price a little. smiley

Send them to me. smiley

Vickie Cr - Offer Kerozzin or splata + something else
Blaaster Cr
Caelus - offer alec

2 Splata Cr
10 Noodile Cr
1 Robb Cr
1 Marco Cr
3 alec cr

May reply slowly to replies, first one to make an acceptable offer gets the sale

My blaaster full 90k
desomond exp 13k
toro 0 exp 16k
graks full 50k
xodus full 31k dagg full 40k
I also have clintz pm for more please

Price a bit negotiable! 1.55 Mio. ~ 1.6 Mio !

friday 20/01/2012

Elya traded. Can now close topic and thx admin smiley

Buying cortez for 2 Edd Crs or selling them for 34k ea. PM me

I am looking for Caelus, in case I am not clear smiley

Selling flanagans at 550 a piece for 130 0xpsmileysmileysmiley

Yours> Mine

17 Rico's>Ray 0xp + 500 clintz

Ratanah + 1.8k> Ray 0xp

Shakra> Striker full xp

Ratanah + 1k> Oflgn 0xp

noodile Cr + 2k> Ghumbo 0xp

Prics are negotiable...PM me for fast response!!!!

Note*: If you have alot of Rico's i am willing to trade the above mentioned for them also!!!!

Hello smiley

I´ve this cards to sell/trade:

200x Saddy Full and 0XP -value/each/in lot 999 Clintz - This is more than a big deal I think.
310x Meroo Full and 0XP -value/each/in lot 500 Clintz - in the market your pay at the 100 card above 1200 Clintz.
30x Fixit -value/each/lot 4600 Clintz
15x Diana -value/each/in lot 5799 Clintz - better than on the market in this number.

If you´re interessed in just write me a pm.

Thanks at the gentile mods smiley

You overestimated all of the cards lol. I'd be willing to take the deal for my 0xp tanaereva if you add in 30k rather than 20.

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