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saturday 31/03/2012

I can sell you Psylo for 1500

Can i sell mine to you?

Can you accept my full MAX level Vansaar?Because i already have another one.

Vansaar =500 Psylo=1500 Trades I want=1 Greow for both.1 Nahema for both.

Above noted are ones not interested in smiley NOT

To knight thank you for your offer about edd I happened to pick one up for 28k smiley

Hi guys im buying 1 Graksmxxt 0xp my price range for buying is around 45-47k and if u want a trade let me know what cards you need.

Thanks mod!

friday 30/03/2012

I'm offering a guru,
tessa cr,
lamar cr,
vickie cr,
splata cr,
kerozinn cr,
5 jackie cr 0xp and


I will buy them all for 4.95m

Scubb (0XP) Scotty (Full XP) Hystrix (Full XP) Adler (Full XP) Chiro (Full XP)

Interested in selling these cards. Scotty for 1 300, Adler for 1 100 and Scubb for around 6 000

I HAVE 56 LENA 0exp for 3300 each smiley)

Pm me if interested.


NOT going to sell them for clintz at the moment

Only one 0 xp Heegrn Cr left. Come on people, I'm still looking for a Diana and Lucy...

I don't need Herman, and if you think that this deal isn't fair enough, I'll give you a Rubie.

Good morning to all,

I have a manon cr full and a lao cr full to exchange with playable cr
I'm searching at first:
-jackie cr
-caelus cr
i accept als lamar kero tessa and vickie
PM me if you are interested
thank you mods

That's indeed a bargain!!!!!
Damn, I don't have lyse!!!

For your info guys, Guru cr is now traded against 11M!!!!
And lyse between 9-9.5M!!!!

One last time, offer is still available.

Bump... no one?

I´m looking for Caelus Cr

My offers:

Taylor x 2 20k
Elvis 9k
Hawk 11k
Lizzy x 3 12k
Mantiz x 19 15k
Ahkab 13k
Buckler x 2 7k
Louise 11k
Kronnen x 5 3,5k
Diana 9k
Charlie 40k
Chloe 4,5k
Hefty x4 20k
Oshitsune 6k

TOTAL 181k
I value Caelus at 110k. Ask for any cards until you reach 110k, or compensate with cards or Clintz. If clintz, the compliment would be 74,8k (minus Kate´s 5%, it leaves 71k)

Thnx guyssmiley

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