friday 25/11/2011

Im looking for spyke tsubame leviathon zerodead arkn toro and methane and some berserk
PM me for negotiation

Thanks miss sky! haha. thats okay. but i cant seem to unlock charlie. it still says i dont have charlie..why is this? smiley

I am looking to Trade 290,000 Clintz + Ombre Cr 0exp for your Tessa Cr.

PM Me for Fastest Response!

Got rid of Kolos. Please close this thread.

I'm looking to sell or trade 50 Kusuri full xp, I will take 130000 for them (2600) a piece, or I'll consider a trade worth around that much. Private message me.

thursday 24/11/2011

I'm look to trade for that beautiful titan of the Montanas Vickie Cr

I can offer Taneraeva Cr + Caelus Cr + Smokey Cr for her but I'm more than willing to swap in others such as Robb Cr, Kolos, Graks, etc or just clints.

If you're interested in negotiating a trade please pm or post here.

Thanks mods smiley

I'm looking for Hawkins Puff Baba Ulrich Ector Tyd

Draheera Annibal Methane Dolly Bristone Elke Arkn Zero Dead are the cards im offering for them. i've got cash also so hit me with pms

Trade my Ombre Cr 0 xp by your Ombre Cr full + complement

The complement is decided in private message.

Thank you.

I buy dragan cr full for 610.000 clintz or Dragan cr 0xp for 630.000 clintz.

Contact me with a private message.

I saw you had 12 cards at the time , so solution is: You can't sell cards if they are in your deck, if you have 8 in your deck. Then you can only sell cards outside your deck

Im trading my cortez to the whole clan of roots or sakhrom

pm me

Cassio sold, still have kusuri. I'm gonna start selling them off one by one soon.

Up, thanks mod smiley

UP! smiley

i've already received alot of PM's and OFFERS! smiley

i'm just a little bit confused about my math skills smiley

I'm looking for around 2 222 222 Clintz or (Marlysa Cr + Dragan Cr + Lamar Cr + Diego) for Manon Cr.

I am intrested in your taylos, but i value them at 15k each so i can make you the following trade:
1 alec cr FULL
1 marco cr FULL
1 cortez FULL
1 ahkab FULL
1 bloodh FULL
1 pesth FULL
and 38k
for 21 taylor

Come on guys. send me a pm for other offers. smiley

I'll sell each for 400 each. i'm also looking for cards like jackson.

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