thursday 12/01/2012

Sorry The Feared, avatar threads not permitted smiley

Looks like the market went back to normal so around 500 ctz for compliment or cards

wednesday 11/01/2012

Just like the title suggests. my maxed smokey + clintz or cards for your smokey 0xp. pm me if interested.

i value smokey maxed at 48k and 0xp at 52k.

Cards iam willing to trade; (the value i think they are worth) (i value ghumbo at 18k judging by the market price)
Swidz Cr (78k)
Jay (18k)
Steve (6.5k)
Uranus (19k)
Kuei (9.5k)
Heitachi (6.6k)
Astrid (6k)

Thank you smiley
the topic can be closed smiley smiley

I want a Kiki Cr for 50 clintz, but guess what? That is not going to happen.

My Yayoi 0xp (23,500) for 2 C Wings 0xp (10,250) + Compliment was far from ridiculous

I am looking for cards, Mainly: (these are from what i see they are selling for this is negotiable)
Jackie CR 0xp -120k
Nahi CR 0xp(perfered) 117k
Noodile CR 0xp (perferred) 18.5k
page CR 0xp (perferred) 51k
Multiples of Yayoi smiley any xp
miss twice CR 0xp (perferred) 190k

I can offer these plus many more:
Hammer (full)
Robb CR (full)
terry CR (full)
lola x2 0xp
taylor 0xp
xu52 0xp
Edd cr (full)
ahkab (full)
Hawkins (full)
skrumxxt x3 0xp
sigma 0xp
stella 0xp
numar 0xp
plus many more

PM for faster responce.

TNX MODS smiley

I value my Robb Cr 50k. i wanted to trade it for La Junta Staples or deck.
I don't want lots.

thanks mods

I have no longer Boris, Jalil, 1x Rhyno, Gretchen, 1x Gork and no longer looking for Zack and Niva

In what cards are you interested?

8 jackie cr 0xp

Could be closed, thx smiley


I have Mona (full exp) for trade with Marina (any level) + 1k clintz

or sell for 18k

I sell Griezzo for 5k

Trade me if interested. (I dont do private sales)


Update: I value Yayoi at 20k any xp

5 Yayoi's for both Rob Cr and Numar 0xp

Looking for.....BRYAN and RICO!!!!

Have to trade...the usual shiz guys come on i dont offer junk!

2x ghumbo 0xp (got both in packs, im one lucky mofo)
Oflgn 0xp.....who wouldnt want this warrior prince??
Gil (someone please want this card god hes been collecting dust for too long)--2 bryans for him or several rico's

They're the main ones but also have others!!!

NOODILE CR + complement for my GHUMBO 0xp!!!!!!!

Gone, thanks - please close

Looking For Glorg And For Him I Got XU52

Pm If Interested!

I have 155 Amiral Py Cr.
Send a secure trade and I will get to you as soon as I can.
Thanks mods.

Come on guys I also want your Bryans!!!!

Give me your bryans and Chiaras wooo

ALec Cr for Caelus Cr is still up for grabs!!!!

Come on guys! Price down to 790 clintz each one smiley

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