thursday 24/11/2011

Complement could be cards or Clintz.

I have another cards to trade.


wednesday 23/11/2011

Trade my marlysa cr 0 exp for your marlysa cr full + cash (to be treated by pm)

Oh.. And I'm also looking for a Kolos as well.

Again, just pm me gentlemen. smiley

Alec Cr for Tsubame and Dregn...
please leave a message or pm if interested

Haven't been on for ages last time i was on guru was 5-6mill didn't realise it had risen so much i have about 200k in clintz, so probably not enough for him at the moment

selling or trading lots of

dallas x 25 - (22 at 0xp and 3 at level 3) 2400 each
neil x 10 0xp - 2400 each
eloxia x 20 0xp - 4300 each
ash x 15 full - 1000 each
willing to negotiate on the prices
also interested on trading with big cards

and.. trading my 0xp for full + compliment
caelus cr

post here or pm me

My elya cr and about 120k for ur tessa? any1 interested can hit me with a pm, thnx smiley

13 martha for 295 each
8 gork for 1200 each

0xp Taylor for your Morphun

tuesday 22/11/2011

Haha anyone has any right to decline offers. thats why its called offering hes not priceing it out hes looking for decent trades that are even and worth it to him.
good luck trade buddy

First off is it 220 or 250?
second i think your math is a bit off woodxsxt is worth 130ish and thats for just 1 bulk usuallly ups the price of a card and copper is 26k ish bringing the amount of 130 cards to about 200 copies
just saying

1200 obo, pm for details

Hello people i'm interested to trade my little jim cr for some copies of spyke

i think that jim cr is 13 copies of spyke, but all is negotiable, if you are interested contact me

thanks modsmiley

I'll open up the cards that i can give. just offer me any and i might manage. smiley

5 spyke +5K cash for your caelus cr
what xp is it?

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