thursday 09/02/2012


i'm interested in Lyse Teria cr full or 0xp.

My offer is:

7 Blaaster cr 0xp
12 Edd cr 0xp
12 Jackie cr 0xp
3 Tessa cr 0xp
1 Marlysa cr 0xp
1 Jim cr 0xp
1 Caelus cr 0xp
1 Tanaereva cr 0xp
6 robb cr (4 0xp,1 full xp and 1 with few xp)
7 noodile cr (6 0xp and 1 full xp)

PM me if u want to negotiate.

I have a Rass Cr full xp that I am looking to either Sell or Trade.

Sell Price is 850k in Clintz

I will consider trades for Tessa Cr, Lamar Cr, Elya Cr, Kerozinn Cr, Jackie Cr and Tanaereva Cr

Sorry, no bulk offers of lower value cards will be considered.

Please pm me if you are interested


Yes i want to give you 8.5 for your lyse teria cr.

Looking for either a combination of Splata Cr/Lamar Cr and Jackie Cr. Send me a message if interested.

Tnx mods

Lol this is one of those funny out there posts kinda similar to if I asked to trade a flyer for a guru cr 0xp XD

wednesday 08/02/2012

Go go sohmax :0

I can add some clinz!!smiley

Reste just 16 edd cr oxp smiley

Private message me or start a secure trade if you're interested.

100 gordon

Done, thanks!

I search Manon Cr for 1,8 mio Clintz,
send me a pm if you are interesstedsmiley

Of course I'll make sure the price is fair, by adding clintz or another card

Looking for Noodile 0 exp,many Piranas 0 exp.
Can pay Tula full +150 clz for 0 exp
+200 clz in bulks of 10+

I'm looking for multiples and offers adding up to 550k now ( price rose to 560k)

Mostly interested in berserk/vortex, as these clans are new and I have yet to get them in packs I've bought.

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