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saturday 12/05/2012

I'd be willing to sell/trade my entire rescue clan, depending on your offer. Current cards I'm looking for are jim, beltran, and the collection fodder in my profile.

friday 11/05/2012

Will anyone trade me Pan for Mini Mund, Erika and Magenta?

PM if interested pls smiley

Want to trade : Willy (Full XP) Vermyn N (Full XP) and Crassus (Full XP) for Copper (any XP)

Pm me for a faster reply, willing to negotiate

Thanks Guys smiley
Happy trading smiley

sorry,my english is very bad

change my vickie cr for your elya cr + 50000 clints
or any cr tipe
roob,smokey ......

So you want the five at 0xp you suggested at the top for alec cr?

Just want to make a quick trade, you will probably make an easy profit. I just want these two cards. Any XP is good, it doesn't really matter to me for low price cards. Thanks smiley

What do you want for kerozin i have 50k and lots of cards.....7 heegrns cr if you want them

Auctions begining today. any offers will be considered if fair until the auctions are over

I Have multiple Kostner - 495 full

I am looking to trade these for other non cr cards

the larger the better , and the larger the cards the better price per kostner

i am looking for cards 3k Plus hefty to jay please make me an offer



Make that 125k for 0 exp...
The market will fluctuate nonstop so I won't bother keep updating here, but pm me and then we'll talk about current values.

Yay I have a shiny new Lao cr 0xp which I'm looking to trade!

I'm open to ALL OFFERS for him, but here are some cards which I'm interested in!

Marlysa Cr
Vickie Cr
Kerozinn Cr
Lamar Cr
Jackie Cr 0xp
GraksmxxT 0xp

I'm also interested in cash, but not more than 250k or 300k please smiley

Again, open to all offers, esp. those with the aforementioned cards (I will lower the price if the deal includes some of those cards)

I want to trade my jackie cr for some of the following cards.

wee lee

the cards highest up the list are the cards i prefer more, i can add more clintz to the deal if they go over jackie cr price



Looking to buy a 1 star Burt from from the uppers, the picture of him with the huge novelty check. will pay 1.1k clintz.

I offer charlie make private trade if you are interested

Where are those DJs? Every few weeks there are new copies come out from ELO prizes.smiley

How many veenyl? for 3 i'm oksmiley

thursday 10/05/2012

Marina's gone, don't need kenny or boden now.

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