tuesday 17/01/2012

Total value is 573950, left that out smiley

Jungo clan Still up for sale/trade negotiations are possible

I am willing to give larger compliments now as well

Hi i need to buy c wing for 9k clintz maximum,i dont have more.smiley

Why would somone sell you a Dorian cheaper than the market? He could just sell it on the market and make more profit.

Hello, I am looking for a Kerozinn Cr. I only have 351000 clintz and I would be grateful to anyone willing to trade it for this sum.

Still looking

Value at 750K but I'm interested in trading for bulks so will offer a fair markdown for the right offer. Will consider anything, but mostly interested in lots of


Any questions, just PM. Thanks!

Sorry for double post but i want 0xp plz....thx again smiley


I have both of them now.
Please close and thank you.smiley

Also looking for heegrn ...ill trade my lorna 0xp as well smiley)


I am looking for Lamar Cr full, i offer sigmund cr full
for a lamar 0 xp i offer sigmund Cr full + 20 000 clintz

thx mod!

Im looking for another Tanaereva Cr smiley

i offer:

Dregn (77k)
Shaakarti 0exp (37k)
Dagg (40k)
Numar (49k)
Kenny (15k)
Total: 217k for Tanaereva Cr 0exp

PM for a faster response smiley

Thanks Mods for posting smiley

monday 16/01/2012

I am willing to trade the below cards for your Elya Cr:

Blaaster Cr (83000)
28 copies of Qubik (4800 per card, 134400 total)
Ghumbo (18000)
Naginata (8500)
207000 Clintz

Total: 450900

Please PM if you have an offer and I may be able to add to that list but not much if you show interest in trading.

Thanks Mods

Buying Spyke for 13k. PM me.

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