tuesday 22/11/2011

I value the following cards I want as
Bulks of Marco Cr (52K)
Bulks of Veenyle Cr (20K)
Lao Cr (1M)
Marlysa Cr (1M)
Sam Sum Cr (1.4M)

I have the following to offer
Armanda Cr (700K, must be part of the deal)
Vickie Cr (320K)
Lamar Cr (400K)
Bulk of Skype (15K)
Some other Crs as well

Please pm me for any discussion

I'm also trading 7 fixit for 8 jakson thanks

Message Sent

Sorry, previous thread was closed due to wrong format. (It has been awhile, I'm trying to get back into the game)

I'm seeking to trade my (Ongh + Sylth) for 10 Jakson / my 8 Eduardo for 3 Lola / my 4 C Beasts for 6 Jakson

Also for my collection I am seeking to trade my (2 Spiaghi, + Tyler + Radek) for (Oshitsune + Sigma)

As of my original post, these trades are or near current market value

Thanks for helping me get back into the game!

First number is if you pay in clintz, second is if you wish to trade
10 sunder 6k/8k
50 sunder 30k/35k
100 sunder 60k/65k
i have 210 sunders at 0 exp i am willing to sell all of them in one bulk for 120k clintz or 125k in trades
Cards i can accept for trading:
Bulk taylor 0 exp
bulk lola 0 exp
jackie cr
charlie 0 exp
and graks 0 exp

PM or post fo offers thanks mods

monday 21/11/2011

Got a dragan - please close mods smiley

I am looking for marco cr's, preferrably if you have more than one for trading purposes.

I have almost 50k, I can buy one if you have him, and I have plenty of trades (Just off the top of my head jackie cr, smokey cr robb cr 3 spyke and many more) Just pm me what you are looking for, and we can start from there.

Thank you mods

125 Edwins
-0xp 8 times
-500xp 17 times
-Full 100 times

Selling them all for 105k or 850 each.
Trading them for those cards in combination or in more of them:
-Caelus Cr
-Marco Cr


Kerozinn Cr can offer 220k clintz. plz anyone? smiley

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Have a 0XP Kolos and then offering up to 15k in other cards, your choices.

PM me please

Pls close mods.. thanks smiley

Oh true , sorry Artemis , i did not remeber that the end of the auction was Sunday , i close the subject so...

Well im kind of looking for karrion and gork and other cards that have a value of 2k or more on the market

sunday 20/11/2011

Close the subject please mods, thanks smiley

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