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friday 23/03/2012

Hi guys

Im looking for tsubame, X-ODUS or any 4-5* cards with + life per damage,

I can pay in clintz or strike a deal with a trade. any heko would be appreciated.

Thanks heaps guys smiley

I willing to trade 1 noodle cr 0xp and one with full xp for a X-0DUS plz pm me

I offer my cards:
karrion troompah hefty gork + 1000 clintz

for your:
z3r0 d34d
i prefer 0xp but any xp will do smiley
pls pm me if interested...thank you smiley

thanks mods!

Heegrn 0 exp i can do the following trades for them
1 x caelus 0 exp +7k for 8 0 exp heegrn - i can do this trade 5 times
1 full dregn for 4 0 exp heegrn
edd cr full for 2 0 exp heegrn
ambre + morphun for 2 heegrn + 8k
pm for negotiations please or set up a secure trade

thursday 22/03/2012

Never mind already traded

Looking to trade my Uranus for a copy of Marina.

For more info, or questions, feel free to pm me.

PM if you got any of them for sale.
Thanks mods!

I have my Vickie Cr so this topic can be closed smiley

Interested but as my XU52 is 0XP i'd like a complement please

Sorry guy but i think you won't find anyonesmileysmiley

Yeah yeah ... the trade was excepted, i close the subject
thanks mod very much

Your considered cards are good, but the cards you want to trade are Not that good smiley

Im looking to sell or trade a small lot of 65 Flanagan 0xp. I'm looking for 725 each in cash or cards.

Feel free to pm to negotiate.

Thanks Mods smiley

I only a full version of the same card + some cashsmiley
Also please not I am looking for General AND DJsmiley

wednesday 21/03/2012

I value him at 415k

I offer (all0xp unless stated)

2x X-0dus =90k
Oflgn =7k
C Wing =7k
C Beast = 4.5k
Coby (full) 20k
Hawk 10k
Petra 5k
Uranus 26k
Charlie x2 88k
Diana 9k
Louise 10k
Yayoi x3 79k
Raeth level 2 7.5k
Ray 11.5k
Bryan x2 10k
Fei 10.5k

Anyone prices are changing there's a 0xp Splata for 417k smiley

Vickie cr also crossed of the list

1 more ongh lv4 and striker 0xp gone. and no more stiker full xp

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