sunday 15/01/2012

Trade completed. Thanks mods.

I exchange 110 Revok estimated 130K proposal made
ps : i like cr and taylor,cortez ....

thank you modo smiley

All 1000xp +
600 clintz per card

I'm really not that picky. Any card-based offer will be considered.

If you want to make me happy, the lot will include a C Wing though smiley

Kolos for edd cr
kolos for veenyle cr

My goal in this game for 3 years has been to obtain Lyse Teria Cr. Will you help me?

6 Geuner Cr (Full) = 400k
12 Jackie Cr (6 Full, 6 0exp) = 1650k
1 Lao Cr (0exp) = 1200k
5 Tanaereva Cr (3 Full, 2 0exp) = 1025k
1 Splata Cr = 450k
1 Vickie Cr (0exp) = 450k
51 Graksmxxt (22 Full, 29 0exp) = 2550k

Total: 7725k

Thanks mods.

I am looking to trade my full xp Tsubame for Kolos @ 0xp.
Pm if interested.


sell or change my 700 rick (250 0xp) by 650 each. (negotiable)

accept any cr and letters over 10ksmiley

thanks and hope to bid on here or privatesmiley

450 felicia 0 exp 440 each
400 miho 0 exp 480 each
300 igor 0 exp 610 each

lots not divisible

interes in clintz and card

tnx GM

Like the title says,
I have a 0xp Flavio, wanting to trade for your full xp Flavio+ something
and a 0xp NDololo, wanting to trade for you full xp NDololo + something.
PM me or post here your offer.
Thanks mod!

What i have:
Vickie Cr full 430k
jackie cr full 127k
cortez full 67k
elvis full 8k
lola full 7.2k
spyke full 16k
wardom full 16k
peeler full 9.5k
mona full 20k
ghumbo full 17.5k
aprox. 200k in clintz
what i am searching for
Dregn 0 exp up to 10
c wing 0 exp up to 50
sunder 0 exp up to 100
shaakrti 0 exp up to 20
dagg 0 exp up to 20
lovhak 0 expup to 10
oflgn 0 expup to 15
all of your cards are negotiable since the market fluctuates on these cards
Pm for smaller cards you may need from me i have many cards including : gheist (elo decks mainly) montana uppers sentinel nightmare junkz etc pm for more or to trade thx. MODS

Deal done. Thanks mod. Please close this one.

Bump: Still looking

Want 2 Edd Cr's for my Kolos(full xp) or 65k.
PM me if interested.

I'm sorry but i can't have it anymore. Ask me next time, maybe i'll get one. I don't know. Good luck.

I change 34 robb cr ( 27 robb cr 0xp ! ) for 8 tanaerva cr

it 's a good deal smiley

2×Cassandra exchange your Eebiza
PM me if you're interested.smiley

2×Cassandra change your Eebiza
PM me if you're interested.smiley

I got the deal...mods please close


Is it like Spyke for Kolos

i got spyke

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