tuesday 25/10/2011

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I can add a bit more

Trade the following for tanaereva cr any xp:
Marco cr 0xp
Veenyle cr 0xp
15 Eloxia 0xp
pm me for faster response

Much appreciated Modssmiley

Now buying him for 1600 smiley

The trade was done.

Thank you.

Thanks you moderators smiley
offers worth 18 19k.

I try guru cr and offer do you sell me guru cr for: 1 Lamar Cr full exp(390k), 1 Robb Cr full exp(55k), 1 Vickie Cr full exp(330k),3 Marco Cr 0 exp(170k, 4 Caelus Cr full exp(270k), 1 Tanaereva Cr 0exp(195k), 1 Tanaereva Cr full(190k) 2 Jackie Cr 0 exp (130k), 7 Jackie Cr full exp(760k), 1 Jim Cr full exp(150k), 1 Alec Cr full exp (100k),2 Veenyle Cr 0 exp 50+ 1 Kerozinn Cr full(270k) + 1M7k clintz

willing to deal, on negotiations pm

ty mod


I would like to buy Praxie for 10,000 clintz pm me

Want to trade (my)Cortez for (your)Graks+Uranus+clintz. Send a message.

-greetings from Japan!

I am willing to offer more hermans or small Crs if more offers come

If you have more than one marco cr, that would be perfect. Doesn't matter the xp rate, just looking for him.

I have other Cr's available to trade for him (robb cr, alec cr, smokey cr)

I have a couple investments to trade for him (3 fixit + 3 jakson +spyke)

If you are interested in trading, please pm me thank you.

Lookin Tanaereva Cr
offering alec crm marco cr, auroa an kerry smiley
P.M me!

monday 24/10/2011

I'm trading vickie CR and beltran CR for your tessa cr

If your interested pm me

smiley smiley RANKING Top 4

1er Gent_Watt 11M793K
2e Zion_dla_Vega 11M790K
3e 0 rorschach 11M751K (+) smiley
4e 0 Sorel 11M733K (+) smiley

170k clintz + 10 olga for ur kero

I can give you

Ambrose Cr 0xp
Miss Twice Cr
Jim Cr
Jackie Cr x3

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