friday 30/12/2011

I am looking for Tanaereva Cr!!!
I can offer 100000 + Cassio Cr(60 000) + Spyke 0xp (13 000) + Rolph(6000) + Lennox(1500)

100000 + 60 000 + 13000 + 6000 + 1500 = 180000 (I can offer more)

If you are interesting please write me!!!!

Close mods. i'm gonna make a new one. thanks. smiley

Or Numar + clintz

300000 clintz and a Kolos (0 exp) for Vickie Cr

Ok.. You should have sent me a message.. Lets make the deal than?

I have 386 Stiko to trade. Most of them are full. I am looking for Larger Crs to Trade.

PM me for faster reply.

Lao Cr 0exp: I prefer in your offer some CRs like Splata Cr, Lamar Cr, Kerozinn Cr, Tessa Cr, Sigmund Cr... Or Marlysa Cr. I don't care about exp of your offer's cards.
Ombre Cr 0exp: I'd like to have Reine Cr or Tanaereva Cr + complement, but I can discuss other offers.

Please state which cards they are

Trade/Sell 8 Cassio Cr 0 exp
1 Cassio 0 exp ~ 60k.
Trade 2 Cassio Cr 0 exp for one Jackie Cr 0 exp.8 for four Jackie 0 exp

This is what youre offering for guru cr?

rough estimate ofthis is about 3.7m...

youre offering only half of what he tends to go for

Well idk how much complement is which is why i asked for one smiley
pm'd tho wiz

thursday 29/12/2011

I value in 125k

I accept all kinds of offers

Please close this message topic. I done the trade.smiley

Try to come up with something from this... smiley

2 Emma 0xp
Ditha 0xp
Mawpin 0xp
Ghumbo 0xp
2 Fabio 0xp
Python 0xp
Eggman 0xp
Bristone 0xp
Arkn 0xp
Rhyno 0xp
Zinfrid 0xp
2 Rei 0xp
Taylor 0xp
Spyke 0xp
Revok 0xp
Shogunn 0xp
Liu 0xp
Ojibway 0xp
Corrina 0xp
Eris 0xp
Miss Stella 0xp
Trinmkkt 0xp
Miss Chloe 0xp
Miss Lulabee 0xp
2 C Beast 0xp
Cyb Lhia 0xp
Lovak 0xp

Hello I'm searching a Lyse Teria Cr or a Guru Cr.
Here is my offer:

7x Alec Cr -> ca. 735k
5x Jackie Cr -> ca. 575k
13x Marco Cr -> ca. 650k
4x Tanaereva Cr -> ca. 800k
2x Vickie Cr -> ca. 760k
6x Robb Cr -> ca. 300k
3x Caelus Cr -> ca. 270k
1x Kerozinn Cr -> 350k
40x Taylor -> ca. 440k
17x Shaakarti -> ca. 570k
41x Stella -> ca. 210k
21x Elvis -> 160k
2x Cortez -> 130k
2x Kolos -> 120k
1x Page Cr -> 50k

total about 6 Mio Clintz. If you are interested please pm me.

Close please

I have only 17400 clintz contact me to pm...smiley

Message me with what you would be willing to sell it for...

Well then lets make it 2400 each^__smiley__^

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