friday 11/11/2011

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Thats even a better .


I also have other clans with cards I'm not interested in, I mostly want to swap my smaller cards 5000 clintz and less for larger cards 5000 clintz and over. I'm not so concerned about clans having good cards. The only clans I will not give away are Piranas, Montana, vortex and only for the next few weeks rescue.

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Amiral Py Cr for offer of la junta

Amiral is full level

Looking for either Hawk or possible 0exp Miho

Thanks mods

thursday 10/11/2011

I buy it for 240k + Dregn or a similar offer. I dont have many copies of the same card and i dont wanna trade cr's for vickie. If you have any reasonable counter offers fell free to make them.

I have theam all, message me

Seeing as you've been searching for awhile I'd like to offer some advice. Marlysa Cr like many crs fluctuates she has done this before (risen to 1M) and I would expect that she will fall back to 900k in time (just an educated guess). I sold mine on the market for 990k this week, which is very high. I'd suggest you wait and try again at a later date or trade with those who have posted one on the french or english boards for around 980k-970k. Good luck smiley

Hey guys !

I'm selling 1430 level 3 0xp cards, more precisely 1430 Ernst !
They are not full exp :
3 with 1270 exp
1 with 1070 exp
3 with 870 xp
40 with 300 xp
So 1383 Ernst with 0xp (both level 1 and 2)

The price is 245 per head, so 350 350 clintz for the whole cards !

I can trade, just propose !

Pour ce lot je ne demande que 245 clintz par carte (un prix dérisoire pour un tel lot ) , soit un prix total de 357 500 clintz !

Merci aux modérateurs pour la validation du sujet

If you agreed invite my for a trade and send a message smiley

I got cealus cr + kreen cr for 2 lv1 marco cr
alec cr for 2 full lv marco cr
pm me if you want to trade

I dont need melvin anymore
but i still need flinch and jakson
pm me your offers or just say it here smiley

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Im also interestet in noddel cr

Alright this can be closed. I got the deal smiley

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