friday 23/12/2011

You can close. Thank you.

My Sylth + Complement (Propose one and we'll deal) for Ongh smiley

Pm if interested!

I change my
herman (3000 clintz)
maurice (5000 clintz)
nellie (3500)
wayne stark (1500 clintz)

I value these letters for 13 000 clintz

i search to

spyke (13 000 clintz)

Thank you for accepting my subjet

Please dont pm me saying youre willing to trade but refuse to add any clintz -_-

It's a very good deal because ahkab is value 14 000 clintz and spyke 12 500 - 13000 clintz

I offer Ahkab 0 xp

VS YOU : Spyke 0 xp

Other good offer : 3 Selina vs spyke !

THX mod

I'm looking to trade for a Caelus Cr. I can offer cards such as Kolos, Sylth, Dagg, Karrion, etc for anyone who is willing to trade. I value Caelus Cr at 90k.

Please pm me if interested.

thursday 22/12/2011

Still looking for some spyke 0xp.

1 jackie cr 0xp for 9 spyke 0xp

1 alec cr 0xp for 8 spyke 0xp

and also got 50 diana 0xp for 21 spyke 0xp

Now selling them for 5800 clintz each!

I am looking to trade my Marlysa CR at market price of 1.1M.

I am looking for bulks of
Jackie CR
Caelus CR
Marco CR

I accept any mix of the 3 CRs or at least being a major part of the deal. I am negotiable on other playable cards and CRs but would be considered on case by case basis.

Please make reasonable offers.

Thanks mod! smiley

Exchange for their full and complement:
Lamar Cr 0exp
Sigmund Cr 0exp
Vickie Cr 0exp
Reine Cr 0exp
Marco Cr 0exp
Swidz Cr 0exp
Jackie Cr 0exp

Exchange cards as Kolos, Dregn, Cortez, Charlie, Tsubame, Uranus, grakms
Tessa Cr full
2x Jackie Cr full

contact me for MP mostly, if you want here.
Thanks mods!


I trade my Kiki Cr full xp for :

- Guru Cr + 2M5 in cash or cards
- Lyse Teria Cr + 3M5 in cash or cards
General Cr + 2M in cash or cards

I would like :
- Kolos (valuig @ 55K each),
- Crs Soleil like Tessa, Splata, Kerozinn, Marlysa, Dragan,
- Flavio Cr (valuing @ 650K),
- Manon Cr and Scarlett Cr (valuing @ 2M each).

We can possibly negotiate but your offer has to contain Guru, Lyse or General.


Still lookingsmiley

If you have bulk katrina 0xp, I will buy them all for 150 clintz each. Just send them to my private sales. . smiley

Cards are no longer available, close thread when possible.

Pm me if interested thxsmiley

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