saturday 15/10/2011

Looking for Kolos + Ghumbo +

This is the market value at the time of this post and im not raising it at any time even if the average price rises any higher it hit 500 yesterday

I'll trade you my Beltran Cr.

At first, i am sorry i am not typing the exact name of the cards i would love to buy, its because i would love to buy any of the cards from this clan that i do not own yet.
The problem is that my Clintz income is low, so i can not afford any expensive cards.
I have lots of XP that i dont use at all, thats why i would love to buy cards with 0 xp for cheap.
Do you guys have any cards you would like to sell?

I sell dragan Cr for 635k if you want to make a different offer, just send me a pm smiley

I have several hikiyousan and bogdan, i'd like to know first your estimations

Hye buddies,
i'm looking for a guru cr, for it i'm ready to offer you:

Marlysa Cr full
Vickie Cr full
Lamar Cr full
Lamar Cr full
Tanaereva Cr full
Kerozinn Cr full
Caelus Cr full
Jackie Cr full
Alec Cr full
Robb Cr full
Swidz Cr full
Reine Cr full
Smokey Cr full
Cortez full
GraksmxxT full
Dregn full
Kolos full

Dwain Cr 0xp
Lamar Cr 0xp
Cortez 0xp
Vickie Cr 0xp
Alec Cr 0xp
Alec Cr 0xp
GraksmxxT 0xp
GraksmxxT 0xp
GraksmxxT 0xp
Swidz Cr 0xp
Caelus Cr 0xp
Caelus Cr 0xp
Caelus Cr 0xp
Jackie Cr 0xp
Jackie Cr 0xp
Jackie Cr 0xp
Jackie Cr 0xp
Jackie Cr 0xp
Jackie Cr 0xp
Veenyle Cr 0xp
Marco Cr 0xp
Marco Cr 0xp
Marco Cr 0xp

Marco Cr with a little bit of xp lv2
Marco Cr with a little bit of xp lv2
Marco Cr with a little bit of xp lv2
Marco Cr with a little bit of xp lv2
Noodile Cr with a little bit of xp lv1

and 450k cash

please contact me here or by message

thank you and have a good game

5x Jackie Cr x 111000 clintz
7x Noodile Cr x 18000 clintz
4x Caelus Cr x 85000 clintz
3x Robb Cr x 56000 clintz
3x Veenyle Cr x 20000 clintz
2x Kreen Cr x 40000 clintz
2x Tanaereva Cr x 170000 clintz

I value Marlysa Cr at 900000 clintz u can chose the cr's u want from the list above.
I can also give non cr cards just tell me what u are interested in.
I can also pay in clintz up to 500000

Thanks to mods

Caelus Cr and Veenyle Cr for a jackie Cr please PM if interested


I have a Jackie Cr, full exp to trade for every card in the Montana Clan excluding Tino and Cr's.

I value Jackie Cr at 105k (111k Market Price ATM),
and the Montana Clan (excluding Tino, Cr's) at 70k (Value = ~67k sum of all Montana Cards excluding Tino/Cr's)

The remainder of the 35k can be compensated by clintz or cards. Cards preferably each over 2k (no 'little' cards) and not from the following clans: Berzerk, Montana, Piranas. Uppers.

Thanks for reading! If you have an offer or want to negotiate please PM me.


I want to trade my 0exp Macro cr for a full one + 4K

Secure trade me if you want to do a deal

Hi guys I have the following to trade (Note 0xp Charlie and Yayoi are worth far more than their Max counterparts---reason? If semi-evo is ever back they will be worth ALOT)
ALL 0XP unless stated otheriwse!!!!!

C WIng
Cyb Lhia
2x Baldovino
Ed 12

Looking for:
0xp Diana multiples MUST BE 0xp
Possibly Useable Cr's...Selsya is a wish...note have more to trade for this one!!!!! PM ME

PM me for responses, i will TRY and check this board though but i usually cbf

NOTE: If you have other offers pls PM me i consider most 'staple big cards' of each clan. eg: Blaaster, Copper, blah the usual

No offence but who the hll would want 900 Denise?

Close pls.

If you have a spata Cr we can talk about a deals that includes skullface cr and a award cr

Looking for Buck, Numar, Wee Lee, and Shayna

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