thursday 22/12/2011

Exchange for their full and complement:
Lamar Cr 0exp
Sigmund Cr 0exp
Vickie Cr 0exp
Reine Cr 0exp
Marco Cr 0exp
Swidz Cr 0exp
Jackie Cr 0exp

Exchange cards as Kolos, Dregn, Cortez, Charlie, Tsubame, Uranus, grakms
Tessa Cr full
2x Jackie Cr full

contact me for MP mostly, if you want here.
Thanks mods!


I trade my Kiki Cr full xp for :

- Guru Cr + 2M5 in cash or cards
- Lyse Teria Cr + 3M5 in cash or cards
General Cr + 2M in cash or cards

I would like :
- Kolos (valuig @ 55K each),
- Crs Soleil like Tessa, Splata, Kerozinn, Marlysa, Dragan,
- Flavio Cr (valuing @ 650K),
- Manon Cr and Scarlett Cr (valuing @ 2M each).

We can possibly negotiate but your offer has to contain Guru, Lyse or General.


Still lookingsmiley

If you have bulk katrina 0xp, I will buy them all for 150 clintz each. Just send them to my private sales. . smiley

Cards are no longer available, close thread when possible.

Pm me if interested thxsmiley

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.

Write the name of the card/s you’re looking for.

I would like 2 veenyle cr for it

PM me if interested

I look to acquire a Splata Cr. my offer is 57 elvis, most of whom are 0xp and 7 kusuri, all of whom are 0xp. please respond via pm for a quicker deal. I can add more if need be.

wednesday 21/12/2011

I put Cyb Lhia in the trade!

Thanks babs...
I know that big 5 is increasing but like all other Cr...
the main issue is that the owners of the big 5 try to mark up the price without any reason (except making even more $)

my offer is up to 7M...i say i can add clintz, but when i see CRAZY guys ready to pay over 8M for a guru cr, I really do not understand why while still people sell it between 6.5M to guy bought it last week 6.5M cash, so a 7M offer in cards and crs is more than discutable....don't you think...

Hmm... who are you actually accusing of "trying to fool you", Jessica? That's a serious accusation. If you're going to say something like that, plz specify who you're talking about, because I started with a 510k offer.

I gave a list of cards for you to choose from. I'm an honest trader and there are plenty of ppl here who know it. I wouldn't want someone to be confused by what you said into thinking that I tried to rip you off. smiley

Hello !
i would like to trade my 200 leviatonn 0xp smiley
just send me mp if you are interested
the offer under 15000 clintz would not be examinated smiley
and i search nothing in particular

good day every one

I have about 200 Galen level 2 that I value at 200 each and I am looking for good or new (last 2 years) rares 0 xp or CRs

And if you want something more serious I have a batch of 3000 galen 0 xp that I would trade for a CR like Lao or Marlysa.

So I'm selling my 9 Jakson 0xp, and I value them at about 50k.
I'm looking for an offer of approximately same amount, or more specifically I would like:

0xp Robb CR OR
0xp Dagg+14k OR
4 0xp Hawks OR
any combination of usable Ulu Watu cards OR
any combination of usable Nightmare cards OR
any combination of usable Roots cards OR
8 Chiara (exp doesn't matter)

I will consider others offers too. PM me for faster response.

Thanks mods,
And have nice holidays! smiley

I trade my GraksmxxT and 12000 clintz for your tsubame.

If you want to trade pm me.

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