friday 14/10/2011

Already sold most of the stuff I wanted to sell. no more deals

Yippy i got him im done 5 years is over yea thanks

Title says all looking for 0 xp if possible or full

Seldnor Cr @59k
Dorian @15k
32.5k clintz

Thanks Mod smiley

Ill trade you a kolos and a kenny

No elya cr sorry

20 marco cr full sold.

0xp Emeth and Naginata and a 2 star Uranus available to trade.
Looking the following Upper cards or any combination of these cards:


Pm me for a faster response!

Thanks mods! smiley

Hi! 27 stella 0 xp for 164 edwin 0xp it's a deal?

I just have 1, valued at 14,000; looking for Fang Pi cards or other offers smiley

I've been offered several trades and I want to make it clear that I AM willing to trade. I am especially interested in Vickie Cr and a few others such as Lamar Cr and Kerozinn Cr. I have no interest whatsoever in bulk lots. Trades + clintz are also fine. I value Lao Cr in trade still at 950,000. I emphasize again that insulting garbage offers will land you on my blacklist.

I would like to trade my Ombre Cr at 0exp for your Ombre Cr at Max and a 10k Compliment.

PM me for faster reply.

thursday 13/10/2011

Willing to trade the following:
Chan, Kinjo, Bodenpower, Tomas, Herman, Wendel, Rowdy (max xp), Quinn, Enzo, Donnie, Lost Hog, Slopsh, and Rolph. (Characters have 0xp, unless stated otherwise)
I will also throw in 5000 clintz .

pm me if interested.

Lot 1 + 2 marco cr + 10k for Elya Cr full ?

Elya Cr full for Cortez 0xp + 220k

As the title says preferably Marco Cr's or what's your offers

His price is going down - anyone want to trade....

Sold another one, still have 1 more

Im willing to offer quibik or some other card/ combination of cards worth roughly 5k for steve
message me and we will negotiate

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