thursday 13/10/2011

Lot 1 + 2 marco cr + 10k for Elya Cr full ?

Elya Cr full for Cortez 0xp + 220k

As the title says preferably Marco Cr's or what's your offers

His price is going down - anyone want to trade....

Sold another one, still have 1 more

Im willing to offer quibik or some other card/ combination of cards worth roughly 5k for steve
message me and we will negotiate

wednesday 12/10/2011

Just a friendly heads up I had to pay 890k in clintz for my marlysa which i got last month. I also got one for 910k in cards last month as well, (if my memory serves me correctly). I would suggest offering a higher price as other players may be willing to get her and will easily out bid you! smiley

Hello to everybody,i'm interested by trade my lots of 500 taylor 0 xp vs your guru cr + lyse teria cr or dj korr cr,all is negotiable we can speak for PM thanks and fair play!

I have 21 copies of Jeffrey that i am willing to trade for any freaks, montana, pussycats, roots, sakrohm cards as long as the trade is of equal value. anyone interested in one or more copies of Jeffrey pm me with an offer.

I trade:
17 Stella (8 full)
9 Buck Full
7Shann (4 0exp)
6 Katan 0exp
3 Copper full

I search various Dregn/Cortez/Tsubame/Grakms all 0exp
Who is interested write here his offer or contact me for pm, faster method for the treat.
Thank you mod!

DJ Korr Cr full + 1 Marco full xp

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.

Make me an offer... I do private sales cause Im lame and wanna tlk to ppl lol...

I am willing to trade cortez 0exp plus about 20k worth of cards for alec Cr, message me to negotiate a trade if you are interested

Trading Dregn (0 xp or full, your choice) for:

Shaakarti and
Oflgn (or clintz of the same value)

Any xp is good by me.
PM me for trade, thx

tuesday 11/10/2011

Still trading.

for + i'd prefer
and other playables...but this is negotiable. PM me for more details and to negotiate

Trade with me

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