sunday 30/10/2011

Ugh you did what i did...but like x5. i was smart i only bought 100 copies smiley

Exchanging my Dregn and 1000 clintz for Cortez and Elvis

My 0xp Lao Cr for your Marlysa Cr..
Direct trade, regarless of xp.


Sold a couple vortex, so i'm just looking to buy gordon and cliff. place them in my private sales if you're interested smiley

Already made, with an add of 1 elvis

pls close smiley

I close thanks mod smiley

Still have both, looking for other offers. Thank you.

saturday 29/10/2011

They have all been tradedsmileysmiley

No dur. That's the point. Im looking for someone to sale it to me for LOWER obviously. But its too late anyway. Someone sold it to me for 50 clintz smiley

On the bottom of the screen (in game play) are two little options (Show Chats, is where you talk to other players) and (Play Slots, that is where you use your tickets to spin a slot mechanic with many clintz prizes) If you need anyother help just go to the big question mark near more characters hover over it and press moderators theyll help you alot

I can buy 7 jakcie cr for 742 000.


Nahi & 10k for Jackie Cr

Have Elvis, but not for trade atm ..

Adding another Gil + Rowdy, or different cards of the same value (on request)

I'm looking to trade my Kolos (0 xp) for a Cassio Cr. Offers of Cassio Cr. (full xp) and maybe 1-2k clintz are preferable. PM me if you're interested.

Nevermind ill put him on market

I have:

Z3r0 D34d

I want to trade them all in one go, total value is approx. 61k.

I am looking for Ambre and Jimmy, remaining 22k can be compensated by clintz (preferably) or cards not from Montana, Piranas, or Berzerk and elo usable.

friday 28/10/2011

Buying Mona for 20 800 clintz.
Drop it in my private sales if interested.

My draheera and spyke for ---->looking for zatman/lin xia/ratanah/louise/fei/wee lee

I sell or trade my A Award Cr!
Please write me an private message!


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