wednesday 14/12/2011

Got a deal thanks. Pls close

I have 60 Qubik 0 xp if u want

tuesday 13/12/2011

He's sold

I'm only looking for CRs.
I prefer Ombre Cr full / Ambrose Cr full + a little addition of clintz / card, but I can discuss other offers, if you want.

Please, write me PMs. Thanks!

Edd sold

Okay, i've got a deal, thanks all smiley

Cealus Cr 2x are gone aswell, to Recap:

Looking for Jackie Cr:
Cards available:

- Noodile Cr (0xp) X10
- Miss Twice Cr
- Tanaereva Cr
- Geuner Cr 0xp
- Kreen Cr
- Seldnor Cr

Hi,as title i trade 70 elvis (12 full exp,9 various exp,the others 0 exp)

i search melissa cr and elya cr ,if you have both to trade i can add something in clitnz or card (lot of diana for example)

pm me if you are interested

thanks mod

Sell 1 Dregn 0xp (70 000) for combinations of the following cards:

Kenny (15 000)
Ielena (2 250)
Nistarok (2 850)
Nerfeniti (690)

write me in pm

Still waiting for them to get online

The "sell / trade" prices are negotiable. smiley

I'm not looking for a specific cards.How i've said the actual price is about 180k(the cost of tanaereva cr).If someone wants to offer more send me a pm plz =)

I have kenny ill trade(:

I am valuing Tessa CR @ 520K

I am looking for cards like
Jackie CR, Tanaereva CR, Macro CR etc.

PM me your offers, I'll get back to you.

Thanks mod!

Edd Cr has now gone

Please close. thanks.

Please do not post here. PM me straight.

According to the market value, It’ll be around 8 or 9 Kolos + clintz to balance the trade.

Oxp or full does not matter.



I search 1m4 of complement
I accept cards , cr and cash smiley

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