thursday 06/10/2011

Would do Olga in place of Marina perhaps

First off ... creative smiley

I have a Dwain Cr as well as a Selsya Cr (both at full xp) which I'd be willing to trade. However, I've never traded or used the secure trade option yet so expect noobish issues smiley

In the current market, Nahi Cr is less expensive than both Dwain Cr and Selsya Cr by 10k - 18k which I'd prefer clintz or cards as compliments.

Although I check the forums quite often, a PM would be far better (I'll get back to you asap), thank you.

30 stella 0xp à 8500/t ok ?

Sorry guys,all cards sold.I will lock the thread as soon as I can

Secure trade my veenyle for 24500

Also, at the moment I have Tsubame listed as either the lowest Marketplace price, or the second lowest. it may sell before I get a response. This message is intended for the purposes of alerting you, that it may sell.

Hi im selling

1. Sol Hona- about 700clintz

2. Cacilope- about 300

3. Pieter- Around 400

4. Venus 250 or less

5. Ngrath- around 450

In return i would like the money or Armand, Rosen or any other roots over 1000 market value

Closed ill make a new one tnx mods

wednesday 05/10/2011

UP! c`mon guys nobody is selling?

I'm looking to trade my tessa cr 0xp for your tessa cr full xp plus a compliment to be added by you. please respond here, or PM me for quicker responses

Already got a few. still looking 4 moresmiley

Nellie + Rubie have been sold.

Sorry i have Marco Cr.

I want 20 000 for mona full
i also have
edd ,3000
avola 4300
,Spiaghi 3500
,Veccio, 1000
Prince Jr 2300
,Gianfranco 1700
all are full
P.M me if interested

Looking for Lao in all the wrong places..... smiley

Your Lao CR for my:

2 Ombre Cr
2 Skullface Cr
2 Selsya Cr

Thanks for posting mods! smiley

100 askai out !

now 300 askai for 2400

Cortez is gone. Still looking fo your 0exp Jackie and caelus offers

I also have an alec cr (100k) that i can trade, as well as many other cards.

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