wednesday 05/10/2011

I just got a beautiful 0 xp cortez out of a pack. pm me and im sure we can do a private sale smiley

Trading my doubles for a copy of Tanaereva Cr (valued 180,000)

Marco Cr (0 exp, 60,000 each) x3
Veenyle Cr (22,000)
also have many other cards, so just PM me if you are looking for something in particular and we can work something out.

Am looking for offers that are of equivalent value obviously. PM for faster responses.

Im looken for sigmund cr i trade
full pirnans clan pluse crs nightmares no crs an 50k for sigmund cr if you got one

tuesday 04/10/2011

50k clintz please smiley

Buying all fixit for 5.5k plz put in my ps

Thanks mods

Id like to trade my 2 0exp Caelus Cr for:

Tsubame (60k)
GraksmxxT (44k)
Numar (34.9k)
Copper (27.5k)
Emeth (24k)

i can add the difference in clintz as well PM me more faster response

Thanks Mods for Posting smiley

Selling my Seldnor CR for 66k clintz or trading for GRAKSMXXT,NISTAROK, and OSHITSUNE and remaining in clintz. i am flexible but those three cards are what im looking for mainly to trade.

Buying arnie any xp for 10k
pm or put in my ps thanks!!

I offer cash and cr

A 9550 clintz

pm me smiley

At least +40K clinz or cards.
my 0xp guru cr do not sell,only trade for complements.
thanks for reading.

No interest at al?

You goes dont read at all check the date on this

Charlie=olga+2 baldovino+lola+ed 12+ pastor smiley

Remainder cards:

Caelus Cr full
9Stella full
3Copper full
2Ghumbo full
Terry Cr full
Serena full

Hi all !

I want to auction my analysis Teria cr 0xp

- Auction start: as approved by a moderator
- Auction ending: Thursday 6 at 08 PM ( Paris GMT)

- Start Price: 1M
- Reserve: 7M cash and cards / 6M8 only cash
I would like at least 4M cash in the offer / I do not take collectors not playable

Thanks to the moderator who will validate my post ! smiley

6 Marco 0 exp left.
Also 4 Alec,~1800 Tino 4* 0 exp,multiple Jackie 0 exp etc

Done topic may be closed ty

Are you waiting 4 god to close it

Trade Made, Please Close this Mods, Thanks

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