thursday 11/08/2011

Newcomer or anything join if you please,

Join and don't be a loser smiley

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Stranger And Strangers is currently recruiting new members any and all looking for a guild feel free to apply.
I'm looking for Admins, Active members and new players to help with the game.
We'll talk strategy have contests and activities just about everyday when I'm though building up this guild.
here's the link

see you soon!

wednesday 10/08/2011

This is gonna be a guild for people who are tired of classic guilds join today

The Forgotten Brotherhood is a great guild to join. Every in the guild helps each other without hesitation so if you ever need help, there will always be someone to help you. Every one is welcome to join. Together we can grow powerful.

tuesday 09/08/2011


Looking for a fun and actively growing guild.
Are you Active? (Message boards)
Are you above Lvl 15?
Do you enjoy a fun environment?

Here are a few things we offer anyone who wants to join.

Help with Lvling up.
With enough people, We will have sponsored guild events, lotteries, and contests.
Active Forum
A Friendly Community
Active Players
Donation System
Market Place

Lvl 15

Contact TCS - Glitter Or TCS - XC For more information.


Hello Admins, Close this message boards, it wont really be helpful for now. I will make another in the future.

Closed 4 a while whether u meet the requirements or not i could care less

monday 08/08/2011

I'm a mature, talkative, opinionated and friendly level 38 looking for a home!

>Proficient Graphic Designer
>Graphic Design Admin Experience (decided to find a new guild when my old guild became inactive)
>I Play T2 Deathmatch (lots of XP for me and Battle Points for my guild)

I'd be interested in becoming a Admin! I can always work up to that, but it is my aspiration. I'll consider guilds with a level minimum of atleast 20 (Did I mention I'm elitist? smiley)

... I didn't get S.E.E.S. from Sees Candy, but that was a nice catch.

sunday 07/08/2011

Power of the Moose

Come one, come all and don't delaying in joining one of the fastest growing and friendliest guilds in UR!

Accepting anyone who wishes to gain insight from experienced players, participate in card giveaways, and just have fun!

Open to all players!

See you soon,

I want to join but how do you join smiley


The event is exclusive to guild members only. Join the guild and have a chance to win CR's from the event.

saturday 06/08/2011

Join Guys!

I'd really like this guild to be successful! We're coming up on the deadline.

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