saturday 06/08/2011

Join Guys!

I'd really like this guild to be successful! We're coming up on the deadline.

thursday 04/08/2011

Evolution Rocks smiley I doubt you will be dissatisfied in this guild ;p

Join today

Guild requirements
Be level 5+
Be active
Have fun smiley

All levels welcome

Dear Mods, thanks for your wonderful support for maintaining our board so nice and proper.
This thread may PLEASE BE CLOSED now, to be replaced with our new Rec thread that incorporates upto date details and specs regarding E X C A L I B U R.
Thanks once again. smiley

wednesday 03/08/2011

[LFG] ** I do believe it's a forum rule to set out threads properly.

Why would you be looking for a co-founder? Surely a co-founder is the founder's right hand man that has been there since the start... am I right? smiley

Come on peoplz join us!! Very Active guild!

tuesday 02/08/2011

Hey its a new guild guild:1427641 any level is welcome.. we dont care about your win or losses rank or level we care about how you support the guild and help us hopefully some will join id be great thanks

YES! thats what i want ppl to say when they think of my guild. smileysmiley


And yes, our guild does warrant 10 links.

monday 01/08/2011

Mods please close this thread.


Meh... Forget this isn't working shut it down....



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