friday 09/09/2011

You wont get 30/20 i only swapped my 0xp Dj for full plus 5 x hawk

Hi smiley
I trade my Jackie cr 0 exp for jackie cr full + 5000 clintz smiley

Traded. close pls!

Title says it all smiley

Please contact me if your willing to trade

Tnx mods

Trade with C3k thanks smiley

Hi, i want to buy ambre for 22.144k pm m if want

thx mod

Sold, please close mods

I will try to get Elvis ok then show u in a preset then u give Charlie

Pm me and we will make a deal

Would you take kreen cr for a kolos

Hey guys,

I´m looking for Lao Cr, no matter what evolution stage. Offer is 800k clintz, or, 600k clintz and some smaller Crs.

Thanks to the mod!

thursday 08/09/2011

I can now pay 29k for Dagg. The last of my cards that I could sell has sold.

Thx can be closed got my Dragan

Thanks for your help smiley

Dude, plz post the links for your potential traders. It's the considerate thing to do.

Splata Cr
Jackie Cr

and is Splata Cr full or 0xp?
You're welcome.

As the title says im looking for a reine CR willing to pay 160k

He means Stella x 3 not a lvl 3 Stella for the confused people who can't work out the obvious smiley

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