thursday 08/09/2011

Dude, plz post the links for your potential traders. It's the considerate thing to do.

Splata Cr
Jackie Cr

and is Splata Cr full or 0xp?
You're welcome.

As the title says im looking for a reine CR willing to pay 160k

He means Stella x 3 not a lvl 3 Stella for the confused people who can't work out the obvious smiley

We will REFUSE threads without tags, please use this example smiley

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Write the name of the card you want to give in return.

> Scarlett Cr 0xp----1,7m
> Splata Cr 0xp--- 300k
> lammar cr 0xp--- 400k
> Armanda Cr 0xp--- 800k
> 2 Rass Cr 0xp----1,4m -------------------------
> 2 Elya Cr full --- 625k
Flavio Cr ----730k
> 30 Niva full----270k

wednesday 07/09/2011

Its not a good investment move as Jackie Cr's price will rise alot higher than Ombre Cr as he has been a Cr for much longer

Is anyone willing to sell me Dregn for 64500? Thats all the money I got.

I offer 50000 Clintz for Charlie and Yayoi.

Got a trade done. Thanks mods.

Any card you wanna trade with my uranus? i kinda want 2 cards...
for example...hawk+coby..

I have 230 copies of baby Q for sale.
for 450k ( 450.000 clintz)

We could als trade 230x BABY Q ''s for ---> 3x Jackie Cr full

Pm me for faster response.

I got full exp tanaereva cr but that not a good deal

I have 28 kolos, 20 full xp and 8 0 xp. I'm looking for 75k a piece and I'll consider card offers. No unusable crs please. Private messages are best.

Since no one is interesed I`ll close this.

Looking for Oflgn Shaakarti Dagg
pm for faster trades

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