wednesday 09/11/2011

Ok alla my dregn are out of lmmy collection

I´d like to change my Dwain Cr to your Jackie Cr.

1 Noodile Cr gone, still not going very fast smiley

I am also intrested in Tessa Cr,

But like I said I will consider all (fair) offers

Kerozinn is not available anymore

Vickie bought =)

thank you, mods. u may close the thread

What sort of compliment are you looking for?

I also have Elya Crsmiley

Sorry for this "Estou particularmente interessado em tessa,kerozinn e vickie",is i´m particulary interessed tessa,kerozinn,and vickie

tuesday 08/11/2011

I really need all three cards

I seriously neeed Spyke for Elo so anyone lol?

Someone pm me for faster response.

I buy lots of cards junks with up to 5 per lot.
I do not care if they are full or not
Offered Clintz
Contact me in private

Lookin for 0xp smokey cr for my full. I can add 5000clints or 5500 in cards. Thanks.

Market values are always changing, this time they went up. And because I'm not willing to pay that much more for them, I'm asking you guys here.

Offer sent smiley

I forgot, also have a nice swidz cr....smiley

come on guys...don't hesitate to contact me.

The clintz complement is negotiable, I value it at 500 clintz. pm me.

Still available.
Add a Page Cr full (52k) with Miss Twice
Contact me

Sell 2 lot of Elvis
1) 104 0xp 8,5t/t
2 96 full xp 8k/t
i'm looking for:
GraksmxxT 0xp 50k
Blaaster 0xp 23.5k
Mona 0xp 21k
Tessa Cr 445k
Katan 0xp 3k/t
Sylth 0xp 20k
lot of Jakson 0xp 4.6k/t
Montana,Bangers Jungo Piranas in general
Contact by pm...
Thnks Mod smiley

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