tuesday 08/11/2011

I really need all three cards

I seriously neeed Spyke for Elo so anyone lol?

Someone pm me for faster response.

I buy lots of cards junks with up to 5 per lot.
I do not care if they are full or not
Offered Clintz
Contact me in private

Lookin for 0xp smokey cr for my full. I can add 5000clints or 5500 in cards. Thanks.

Market values are always changing, this time they went up. And because I'm not willing to pay that much more for them, I'm asking you guys here.

Offer sent smiley

I forgot, also have a nice swidz cr....smiley

come on guys...don't hesitate to contact me.

The clintz complement is negotiable, I value it at 500 clintz. pm me.

Still available.
Add a Page Cr full (52k) with Miss Twice
Contact me

Sell 2 lot of Elvis
1) 104 0xp 8,5t/t
2 96 full xp 8k/t
i'm looking for:
GraksmxxT 0xp 50k
Blaaster 0xp 23.5k
Mona 0xp 21k
Tessa Cr 445k
Katan 0xp 3k/t
Sylth 0xp 20k
lot of Jakson 0xp 4.6k/t
Montana,Bangers Jungo Piranas in general
Contact by pm...
Thnks Mod smiley

I have cards that I'm willing to either trade card for card at equali-sh value or sell for discounted price.
Interested in:
Rescue - Alec Cr, Marco Cr, Sledg
Piranas - Smokey Cr, Bloodh, Ulrich
La Junta - Admiral Py Cr, Dean, Emeth, Jane Ramba, Wardog
Now I know most of these out value what I'm offering especially the Cr's but just thought I'd throw it out there what I'm currently looking for haha
I have:
Dalhia lvl2 19000
Z3r0 D34d 0xp 3000
Melvin and Zhang MAX 8500

Now I have a bunch of random Montanas that I don't really care for. I am willing to sell/trade for singles but it would be incredibly convenient if they were bought or traded all together lols. They're worth 14945 all together but will either trade for a card of equal-ish value or 12000 clintz..
Tino lvl2 850
Fabio lvl2 1500
Enzo MAX 3500

0 xp:
Ace 200
Aniki 500
Donnie 1000
Filomena 250
Giovanni 550
Lino Borsa 150
Milovan 500
Murphy 950
Pino 164
Sharon 700
Simon 150

Just started playing the game, wondering if you can sell me Selma@11.5k clintz?thx

@Abnormalv and Necatus: please learn to read and be polite, it is not difficult to exhibit basic courtesy, or at least learn not to be an a-hole. and i bet you didnt read the title suggesting this is a Trade and Buy, meaning that clintz plus cards are involved in this deal.

Vickie Cr is about 326k while the price for Tessa Cr is 450k currently and the lowest Tessa Cr has gone this week is 345k (which by the time i posted there was such a deal), which means that the largest difference is about 120k and the lowest difference being 20k. my aim is hoping to see if anyone is willing to trade it cheap, as the title suggested, and if someone is, i have cards and clintz to compensate for w/e price they demade which i deem i can afford

granted, my whole collection would allow me to easily drop off some big cards for the deal, but by doing so i may or may not sacrifice some of my deck or collection which i would deem to be too much

i apologize for not putting a disclaimer of "negotiable or the sort" or not giving more info, but then again, thank you for your needless attack that has absolutely no place for this thread

lastly, 700k? what are you smoking, boy? so next time, before you decide to post in a thread, read carefully, and refrain from posting if you have nothing productive to say

so yes, i have a Vickie Cr to trade and cover most of the price, my other big cards i have still not decided how to split since that is what we can talk about, so plz PM or post here, ty

Anonyme what are you looking for for those cards and clintz and and also Caelus Cr

monday 07/11/2011

I sell rass cr for 610.000

if you are interested,sent me a MP

Whoever has a vickie cr and is interested in a trade pm me and I will make you an offer

I have not posted the offer here as I want to offer whatever the owner of the vickie cr is interested in

thanks mods

Which cards exactly

My emeth full exp and Ielena for your ambre

pm me for quicker response

thx mods

As stated my 0xp Jim Cr


Full Jim Cr + compliment

PM with offers for faster response

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