saturday 24/09/2011

Hello players!
I am looking for a Nahi CR

My offer: Caelus CR 0xp + 10k clinz

I have also got some other CRs worth 50-100k

PM if interested! smiley

FAST_Silver smiley

I will pay 51K for Tsubame 0xp smileysmiley

I currently have 100 Martha I am willing to sell or trade. They are worth 400 each at the moment and I value them at 420 each. (42000 for the lot)
I have
10 Lvl 3
25 Lvl 2
65 Lvl 1

Cards I am looking for include:
Jackson - Worth 14 Martha
Coby - Worth 30
Melvin - Worth 23 Martha

I am willing to negotiate about cards and price.

Thanks i found it smiley


62 Fifty full... 975/each
1 seldnor cr 0xp... 64k
1 beltran cr full xp... 110k

I looking for: clintz or cards (montana, sentinels, etc)... thanks smiley

Looking for vickie and another card to git the price

Hi eVeryOne smiley

I wanna change 4 Veenyle cr 0xp (my) FOR... Jackie cr 0xp (you)
I hear all the offers that 'u want

Thanks smiley

Looking for thaumaturge cr ambrose cr and dwain cr to complete collection

Oops need to close this smiley

Looking for sigmund cr

i offer
kerozinn cr + robb cr/cortez PM me if interested with an offer

Lucky me buying tessa cr for 300k about a year ago and kept it all this time. Hopefully she goes to 1m so i can just buy every non cr card lol..

Sent you a secure trade request.

I would like to sell them for 77000 or trade them for Vortex.

Would someone sell me a Arnie for 18k on private?

friday 23/09/2011

No one. Glenn his value has raisen but the offer will not change smiley

Hi, trying to trade General Cr and offer 8mm worth in playable cards of your choice from my collection. PM me if interested.

I want to buy packs of Saddy 0 exp.

I'll buy Saddy prefull and full as well, but not for the same price

Intrested, send a private message

I'm looking for Jim Cr,
My offer is :
Jim Cr for Kreen Cr fxp + Kreen Cr 0xp + 50k cash
pm me to negociate.
thx mod's

None extra sold through trades but a 50 have been sold off on market.
3450 Remain.

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