tuesday 06/09/2011

My dwain cr for your swidz cr +40k or cards

3 Lamar Cr full 370k/t
6 Robb Cr full 65/t
6 Terry Cr full 10k/t
15 Chikko Cr full 12k/t
1 Kerozinn Cr full 270k/t
1 Geuner Cr full 56k/t
1 Selsya Cr full 113k/t
1 Miss Twice Cr full 160k/t
1 Sigmund Cr full 380k/t
3 Kreen Cr full 49k/t
3 Amiral Py Cr full 10k5/t
1 Vickie Cr full 340k/t
2 Ombre Cr full 185k/t
2 Thaumaturge Cr full 103k/t
3 Smokey Cr full 53k/t
4 Nahi Cr 0 xp 105k/t
1 Beltran Cr full 109k/t
1 Page Cr full 54k/t
1 Melissa Cr 0 xp 290k/t
1 Tessa Cr full 398k/t
1 Dragan 0xp 680k/t
1 Jackie Cr full 108k/t
15 Caelus Cr full 95k/t
Voila for an amount of 7m5 approximately in your offers I wish
1 General Cr 7m5
1 Lyse Teria Cr 5m8 complément in cash
1 Guru Cr 5m5 complément in cash
I leave the subject opened until Friday if anybody offers is before accepted thank you for allowed to pass the subject

Got some by private.Want more.... smiley

I trade my Tessa cr 0xp for full Tessa cr + 20 000 clintz

With current prices, I'll trade Tessa Cr 0xp for your cards +45000

I'll trade my 0xp Tessa Cr for Vickie Cr plus an acceptable clintz difference. Thanks mods.

I got 111k worth in junkz an roots lookin for a jackie cr

Regular cards like kolos, dregn , cortez....

Dregn* and I will also throw in 4k Clintz

You can also PM me with other reasonable offers for dwain cr

Hey I'm trading a kenny. I will trade Kenny+6k for 2 gil. Pm me if you have another offer i may consider if not send me a secure trade for 2 gil.

thanks mods smiley

monday 05/09/2011

Trading Ghumbo Marina and Quinn together or seperate for any amount of junkz, vortex, or bezerks of equal value smiley

I can adjust the number of Diana to match the market price of miss twice cr. Also can make up some of the difference in clintz, around 30,000 or so if that helps to make a deal. Thanks

As the price of Revok shifts I'll be willing to offer more if needed.

Up - will also accept combinations of Clintz with Melanie and/or Lehane lots

All ulu watu ( no rass cr )
all 0xp
looking for crs
pm me to negotiate
high 5 mods smiley

I have:
Piranas: Andsom
Rescue: Benson 0xp
Montana: Rosa 0xp
Freaks: Rhyno 0xp
Skeelz: 4x Snowflake 0xp
Uppers: 4x Bianca y Rubie
Berzerk: 5x Esther, 2 x Drummond, 3x Norman y 2x Kostner 0xp
Jungo: Eggman 0xp, Radek 0xp, Rodney 0xp y Ashiko 0xp
All Stars: Asporov 0xp

im looking for all sakrohm exept: Pulsar, Stella, Jautya, Corrina, Wakai, TrinmkkT, Nata, Ingsthra and Embolt

Good luck... smiley

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