wednesday 02/11/2011

Wanna trade your kuei?

Close please

Charlie 0xp
Yayoi 0xp
Negotiable PM me

tuesday 01/11/2011

Hello -- looking to trade away my 0XP Rass Cr in exchange for combinations of Sylth, Hawk, Copper, Graks, and/or Jackie Cr. I value Rass Cr at 650K. Other reasonable offers will be considered.

PM me for negotiations -- thank you, mods smiley

Sylth gone, no need Karrion anymore.

Montana non cr all stars or rescue

I try nahi cr and exchange with Cortez and karrion full ... if interested and to agree the details contact me via pmsmiley

I prefer taylor wherever....smiley

I can down estimate my cards for a proposal in cash but 1M9 for both is too low sorry...

I'm looking for around 290k for kerozinn cr and 350k for Vickie cr in clintz or cards. I like usable crs and I'll add to one of them for Tessa cr if you give me a good deal. I'll consider all offers if the price makes sense. Don't offer bulk if you value them over market price. Private messages are best.

Marco cr 0xp for 54999 clintz pm me

thnx mods

monday 31/10/2011

I'm looking for the following cards:
2* larry lea lothar vinny denise
3* pam tanner slyde mark ash beverly lobo bobby
4* gordon ghoub
I can write their prices, but we can choose them together without problems.
I'll wait PMs with offers, in the meanwhile thanks to mods smiley

I change my DJ Korr Cr 0xp for a DJ Korr Cr full + 25k negotiable complement

Thanks smiley

Hi, as the title says, i'm currently buying multiples of jakson 0xp for 4500 clintz each, those who are interested just send them to my private sales.

Thanks in advance.

I want to buy a copper for 23k any xp
Just put in my ps thanks

Thanks mods

How much you estimate your offer for elya ?

Ok so let's say it , he's talking about me and is asking for 70 taylor 0xp for his Lao cr and call it a fair deal...
for over 50 ,18k/taylor is a good price to me (and he has a good potential when the cr period will come to reach 20k)
so 70 x 18 = over 1M25 !!!!! is it CURRENT market price f*** ??


I have a fei

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