saturday 17/09/2011

Looking to buy GraksmxxT for 40,000 clintz. PM me if interested!

My Caelus Cr 0xp + stuff (like Bloodh or clintz)

for your Jackie Cr (full or 0xp, negotiations will vary depending on what you offer).
I'm looking to trade multiple Caelus for Jackies here, of possible.

PM me and thanks!smiley

He already traded his Lamar off and leaves this up to tease us.
Why, Dennis? Why you tease the Babs covetousness?smiley

Anyone? My offer is now 2200 per card.
Still open to haggling and offers, especially if you have a lot.

Yep smiley just a straight up trade

thanks mods for posting smiley

Just done! i got em !!!! thanks for all

I want a copy of the card Liu I am willing to trade my Junkz Archie Dreen Jiro Keanew Lolly Neil Onix Perle Sireen or Stiko. My copy of Ielena Elvira Belgosi or Lucia. Just to be clear im not tradeing all of these cards these are just the ones you can pick from.

My sekutor and miho both 0xp for uranus.
pm me if interested. I am willing to negotiate.

friday 16/09/2011

I value an Ivana in that sort of bulk at 250-300 coins a piece, depending on the bulk, which means that total it would be worth 750000 to buy all.

I am looking for these cards in exchange:

Splata Cr
Miss Twice Cr
Lin Xia
C Beast
And maybe some more playable Crs.

I will not accept lowballing!

Thanks mods.

Your Tessa Cr - My 2*Jackie Cr + A Award Cr 0xp+ Coby + Melvin + Emeth + Zatman + Amiral Py Cr?

Not so much anymore advantageous but offer up smileysmiley

They are done
cortez and dagg =)
thanks a lot!!!

Hey all, I have a spare Dregn that im interested in trading. I'm interested in offers of Piranas, clintz, and ill also consider CRs. I also have an Oflgn if more is needed on my side to balance a trade, as well as a few other 10k or so value cards. Cheers!

Sent in your private trades

2 Miss Twice Cr 0 xp

Ambrose Cr 0 xp

5 Caelus Cr 0 xp

Nahi Cr

pm me please

Sorry, too late. I have alredy exchanged all my stella and taylors

Thanks for posting smiley
Topic can be closed

For trade my veenyle cr to your dalhia +clintz or akhab +hawkins

Want to trade my Veenyle Cr to your Dalhia +clintz just give me your offer

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