wednesday 27/07/2011


we are the legends of clint city here to help you level up and become a better player. contact me for a battle, advice or a card or two to borrow.

Requirements: Lvl 35, elo record of at least 1200 or if you dont play elo decent survivor or DT record , speak decent English and lastly active..

first few worthy members will be admins smiley


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tuesday 26/07/2011

I meant sorrysmileysmileysmiley

C'mon people ! You'll have a good time smiley

monday 25/07/2011

Visiting Card demensionssmiley

COme join the overlords, so far we are a new guild trying to become larger and more successful. Doing this is hard but with more people like you joing we will be big and strong soon. Here is the link to my guild page.

Welcome, Kenny. :o

Hello asdqwe555,

We can help you out! We have a:

1) Level up System
2) Dedicated Admins and Founder
3) Friendly Guild Mates
4) Donation System for Dimension Points (In-guild Cash)
5) Active Message boards
6) Freedom o implement your own ideas to the guild
7) High Rewards!

Just think about it asdqwe555, we may have a small group, but I promise we can help you out!

Asian Republic

Hello tactical elmo,

I really like your description, it's very nice smiley

Well, why not join my guild? We have many things to offer!

1) A Level Up System
2) A Donation System for Dimension points (In-Guild Cash)
3) Dedicated Admins and Founder
4) Active Message Boards!
5) Friendly Guild mates
6) High Rewards!
7) Freedom to implement your ideas to the guild

We are a small guild right now, but we have so much to offer! Come on into the Card Dimensions!

Asian Republic

Looking for full Montana, Vortex, Gheist and Jungo players.

Apply @

Everyone is welcome! smiley

Thanks for the enthusiasm, but we already have a recruiting thread.

Could a moderator please close this thread? Thank you.

Being a part of a guild should solve most of these problems. That and just ask questions on the forums if you get real stuck.

sunday 24/07/2011

I am looking for a guild... again

Level 31
Best elo is 12 something
best survivor is 10
I can play T2, T1, or elo

I am looking for an active guild but on the smaller side

Any questions about the guild post it on this thread and I will try to answer them as soon as I can smiley

Hello all, im looking for a active guild whos active in their message baords and has a good amount of battle points
I have 100% fair play 60 something looses 45 wins im a senior untill next week when i get credits then ill be a master
i like holding guild tournements in the guild i join for a lot of clintz and characters through secure trade
I play every day

thanks bye

Guild:1418759 we're an active guild but we have a few members since we're only new... If you want to join just send your application smiley...

You can join us if you want... we're only 5 members at this moment... guild:1418759

You may join, but I will help you level up to 20 as soon as possible (:

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