monday 12/09/2011

Annnnnd still looking. I can change the offer up some for 2 Jackies.

All together around about 23500

Ok mods, secured a trade. you can close. thanks.

I have to add 7 000 clintz =)

Anyone have a Pastor that they wanna trade or sell? Message me if you're interested.

If buy, Let me know the lowest price you're willing to sell him.


If trade, Let me know what cards you want for your Pastor.

sunday 11/09/2011

I am looking for Kolos, if possible 0xp...
Pm me for quicker answers smiley

Thanks for attention smiley

Hi i am looking to trade 2 copies of Stella 0XP for your Noodile Cr, or Yayoi. Doesn't matter to me if your cards are 0XP or Full or whatever.

PM if interested or just set up a secure trade.

I will trade you i have all the charactors

Also offering Mona for Dalhia


Deadeye, Deea, Fabio, Kiki, Neil, and 4.9k for Ahkab.

Hi im looking to trade my

0xp zatman



Im looking to trade my marina my dallas and my robb cr for a kolos

We will REFUSE all subjects without tags.


[TRADE] + title
Write the name of the card/s you’re looking for.
Write the name of the card/s you want to give in return.

Please don't offer me cards that are not in my list,smiley

Close! Sold for 900k

I have 62 Noemi, Cortez and 17 000 clintz , so if you are interested just make an offer.

Hello people i'm interested to trade my dj korr cr for guru cr+lyse teria cr

if you are interested contact me for speak in pm or here smiley

thanks modsmiley

I add 50,000 clintz + charlie full xp!

Atm there price is 370 for a 0 exp one, so i could give you a full kolos and peeler for them

Oh sorry. i forgot about that. admins delete this thread if I'm not allowed to have it here.

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