friday 26/08/2011

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Trade done.Thank you to all offers.

Buy Zatman for 12000 clintz, but is negotiable
Pm for quicker answer
Thanks ;D

Fifty 4* Syd Noze 0xp
Baldovino full Cassandra full Karmov 0xp Oren 3* Rhyno 2*
Anibal oXP
Nyema oxp
Brandon full
Ed 0xp
Denise oxp
Lovak 0XP
Razor 0xp
Harold 0xp
Maeva 0xp
looking for 26- 28 k
p.m for your offers would sell them ass single too

I want 1 Boyle - any xp
I will trade my Miho - 0xp

I trade 29 isatis (2k each one) for these cards:
- xu52 10k
- draheera 8k
-Jane ramba 10k
-ray 10k
-Kenny 20k

and 10 pyro (1300 each one) for Coby

Thanks mod smiley

Hi all,
i want to sell my lyse teria cr 0xp for 6.3M...
I'm interested in cash or playble cr'
Marlysa Cr
Vickie Cr
Tanaereva Cr
Jackie Cr
Caelus Cr
Kerozinn Cr
cash not more of 500k clintz...
thnks modsmiley

I want to sell my jim cr for 170k if you´re interested write a private message pls

I can give you some of these cards for robb...
3 Noodile Cr,2 Toro,4 Rolph,4 Jane Ramba (one 0 exp),3 Spiaghi,2 Winifred pfull,4 Elly Mae pfull...I also have 24.000 clintz.
Pm me if interested.

Then nobody interested...if you are interested we can speak about the complement...there aren't problem smiley i wait your messages

Want to Buy Scubb for a very reasonable price.

Please and Thank You!

thursday 25/08/2011

I think it is obvious that if the offer is 100% cash, the price should know that Angela smiley

6 - full 3.9k each
5 - 4* 4k each
22 -3* 4.1 k each
173 - 0xp 4.2k each
This is the price in clintz. Add 200 for price in cards.
Thanks mods

Deal done

I can add
Fifty Syd Noze
Baldovino Cassandra Karmov Oren Rhyno
Boohma Nyema
Brandon Ed
Charlie Ditha Louise Selina Denise
Eris GraksmxxT Oryon SkrumxxT Stella

Update of price, and offer.

Marlysa Cr. 933k
Alec Cr 104k
Tessa Cr 5* 410k
2x Tessa Cr 0 exp 842k
5x Tanaereva Cr 0exp 1025k
1x Tanaereva Cr 3100exp 205k
1x Tanaereva Cr full exp 198k.
5x Caelus Cr exp 442500 clintz .
1x Caelus Cr lvl 3 87k
2x jakcie cr 0exp 220k
3x Jackie Cr lvl 327k
+ 70529 clintz.
+ vickie cr 360k
+ cortez 0exp. 74k

My total offer is 5 310 068 clintz.

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Meant Cassio CR (max)

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