monday 10/10/2011

Still looking for both

Looking for Tanaereva Cr i can give you Blaaster Vermyn N willi Shann boodenpower Angie Lennox XU52 Rolph Wardom Toro azgoroth Oshitsune Aurora Cliff Hax Kerry Pastor sledge Hawk and money to cover the difference. for Tanaereva Cr. thx

Just Pm me..
Can less the price a bit.

Hello, smiley

I have a Jackie full exp to trade for all Montana cards (excluding Cr's). I value Jackie Cr at 102k (current C.M.V 102k) and the whole Montana clan at 65k (C.M.V ~68k). So you will have to add roughly 37k in clintz/cards for the trade. Each single card has to be atleast 3k, but I prefer cards above 7k, and preferably ELO usable. I will not accept cards from the following clans: Berzerk, Piranas, Vortex, Montana (for the 37k to compensate for the difference in price).

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and if you have an offer please PM me so I can get back at you quicker.


Ndololo cr 0 exp = 800.000 Clintz in character =)

I looking for:

Vickie cr + alec cr + complement =)


Sorry guys Noodile Cr, kolos and Dregn are gone

Hi Friends,

I've 10 x Full xp Jackie Cr

1 x Jackie Cr = 101K

i need this cards complements

Blaaster 0xp = 23K
Blaaster Fullxp = 21K

Dalhia 0xp = 26.5K

Mona 0xp = 21K


I would love 4 shakras for 4200 ctzsmiley

All 6 Spyke cards are sold. Thanks mod pls close this thread. smiley

sunday 09/10/2011


Im looking to trade my 0 exp venyle for one with full experience plus about 1000 clintz message me in you are interested

Okay all the cortez are gone for 3 dregn thanks to a good guy in XC such a great guild. ty all and have a nice day
thanks mods as well

Your kolos for somone's dregn, or your dregn for someone's kolos?

Your sum sam cr by my NDololo Cr full + elya cr full + smkey cr full + 4 jackie cr ( 2 full; 1 lvl 2; 1 0xp)

if you want, please pm

I have multiple jakson cards aswell as charlie and around 30k cash. Im willing to trade any selection of these of equal value of your kolos.

Please post here or PM me

Looking to sell/trade Jakson full xp for about 5450 clintz worth of cash or cards. Msg me if interested.

I'm looking for ;

and rest of balance in clintz

in exchange for Seldnor Cr (Max Level) @ 62k market price

pm me if interested


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