wednesday 24/08/2011

I want to trade my Jay for your Fei plus clintz to cover the gap difference

pm me

I want to trade my tsubame for a smokey cr preferably 0xp

Pm me

thanks mods

Who is here with rescue clan ?

Yes and ill pay 12000 for ambre, its better, isnt it???smiley

First to send the trade gets it. Straight clintz purchase

Thanks mods

tuesday 23/08/2011

I would accept any 1 of those 3 with 700k (prefer Armanda cr, but doesn't matter)

All sold close please smiley

Sold! close please smiley

Im buying him 10k Lower your sayin???

Hi to everybody.
I'm going to exchange my Manon cr full +/- 50000 clintzs to Manon oxp!

ty modssmiley

Selling lots of Fifty:

At 0xp: 1250 each
Full: 1215 each

You choose the quantity:
0xp: min 5 max 28
Full: min 5 max 92
--> maximum lot: 120 Fifty

I will consider cards, in particular Rosen and Russel.

Contact me via pm


Please close

Hi all,
i can offer:
Tessa Cr
Lamar Cr
3 Robb Cr (2 0xp)
3 Tanaereva Cr (1 0xp)
Vickie Cr
Splata Cr
4 Jackie Cr (3 0xp)
4 Caelus Cr (2 0xp)
Miss Twice Cr
Smokey Cr
Elya Cr
Kerozinn Cr
Alec Cr
Nahi Cr
contact by pm...
thnks mod

Contact me please

Traduction (français > anglais)
hello I'm selling my cr for aldebarand 800 000 820 000 Clintz and playable in cr, cr vickie, splat kerozinn cr cr cr Miss Twice ect ... I can accept the card as a lot of cortez and elvis but only 0 exp ....

thank you to the moderators to pass on your Forum please!

Give to me at 430 in my private vente

I've got 210 Herman for trade (cards over 5k) or sale for about 850k
PM me for more info.
Thanks mods.

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