thursday 04/08/2011

Close plz.

(thx mod )

Close the threat!


Hello, buy lot of olga 0 exp or full is not a problem smiley

I offer much Cr: swidz cr full exp, beltran cr full exp, ombre cr 0 exp


80k?? smiley

Thx bro smiley

I`ve got 129 puffs which worths for 1 Blaaster

If u are interested send me pm

Closed my post thank you smiley

Found someone, this subject can be deleted thank you

Ndololo Cr Fxp for all...

What is the price of Guru cr?

I'd like to buy your Tessa Cr!!!!

Would you like to sell youur Tessa Cr to me for 400 000 clintz?

I wonder if juantrevino is serious?

Dj Korr Cr just for reference

Still loooking

Pm me. btw my cortez is level 5. smiley

4k each buy them now!!!!!!!!!smileysmiley

wednesday 03/08/2011

Buy General CR 6.500.000 Clintz

In my private sales please!

Willing to trade Kolos for Diyo CR; prefer getting Kolos to Mona and will trade for either one instead of both at a time if preferable

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