monday 26/09/2011

Hey I REALLY Want 1 Norman Can i Get 1 For 650 ? PLZZZZZ

Haha the patience will help u b a n k off this good luck

Can i please trade auro for cortez

Im looking to trade cortex for Kenny, Copper, and Emeth

5 Marco Cr Full left smiley
Come on any possible trades can be negociate smiley

Price can be negociate. I accept also non-Cr's cards smiley

Lol, Aar i thought you had no clew about the markt prices, you said that to me, and now you think you know, lol, lol

Probably rylus1 you don't understand,i don't trade cortez for ALL this cards,but only for one of the 6 lots smiley

1 jackie cr for your 2 x marco cr?
pm me

Still selling smiley

Hello there,

I want to trade my Nahi Cr 0xp for you Nahi Cr fullxp + Clintz or card from the 9th page by price descending in the Market.

You can contact me by pm

Thanks smiley

Kerozinn Cr current market price is 265k clintz.

I am offering 280k in clintz and cards, send me a PM.

Exactly as the title says, i am looking for those two cards preferably full xp

Still looking for offers

Will you take beef for tremorth?

sunday 25/09/2011

HELLO TO ALL MY For as Sekutor (0xp) Arnie (0xp) Carter (0xp) Oshitsune (0xp and Azgroth (0xp) MAS 3K
FOR YOUR Marina (0xp) and Ambre (0xp)smiley

Sekutor: 6100
Azgroth: 4500
Arnie: 18000
Oshitsune: 5800
Carter: 4800

Marina: 13000
Ambre: 28000



I'd like to buy 20 Taylor.
I propose :
- for 20 Taylor 0xp : 62 Selina (15 full, 4 a bit evolved, 43 0exp) + 95k cash
- for 20 Taylor full : 62 Selina + 83k cash

Please PM me.

Looking to sell Dwain Cr for 150,000 clintz, he normally goes for 160,000.

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