wednesday 21/09/2011

Lolz Aussie crusader reunion.

0 exp or ful exp?

0 exp --- 400/danae

I have 295, all 0 exp.

Gertjans full xp in exchange for Drummonds any exp

Option 1: most favourable trading ratio, applies to lots of 13 Gertjans and above
13 Gertjan x 21 Drummond

Option 2: ratio that applies to any other situation
5 Gertjan x 9 Drummond

Write here or get in touch via pm, I'd like to stick to these two options but I always listen to reasonable alternative offers.


Why would I sell you a Cortez for 6k below market price?

As I have said in the title, I am looking to trade a Robb Cr for a Smokey Cr. They are both at the same price at the moment. Message me if interested.

tuesday 20/09/2011

Offers are changing all the time, running low on ghumbo

Please type the cards you are tradeing for reference dagg shakaarti

Got a wardom

Please provide links for your potential traders, as it's the considerate thing to do.

Tanaereva Cr
Marco Cr

Please spread the word, everybody!

Close please,bought.

Praxie = 13.5k
Jay = 12k
Chiara = 6.5k
Tomas = 3.7k
Corvus = 4.7k
Total: 40,400

i offer:

Kenny = 17k
Marina = 12k
Coby = 12k
Total 41,000

All prices are according to CMV. pm more faster responses

Thanks Mods for Posting smiley

I still search some.
Here is my new offer :
- 3 Selina full for Taylor full
- 3 Selina 0xp + 750 Clintz for Taylor 0xp

Please contact me.

Plz provide links for your potential traders. It's the considerate thing to do.
Lamar Cr
Tessa Cr

You're welcome.

I'd like to trade my
Tanaereva Cr full
2 Caelus Cr 0xp
Dregn 0xp

for your Tessa Cr
(preferably 0xp and this is negotiable) Please contact me even if she's full.
Thanks! smiley

OkAY I NOW have 1,356 clints

2 Kolos
2 Cortez
6 Noodile Cr

If needed, I have more cards to negociate for your Tessa Cr

Adding 5 extra Kolos and 5 extra GraksmxxT = +538.5

Cash 24k -> 35.5k

5750k seems a better offer i assume smiley

The money and blaaster?

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