friday 12/08/2011

Any interested?¿

Pls private sale me, thanks

Those two for 4.7k in total smileysmiley

As the subject name stated.

Put them in my secure sales.
Thanks! smiley

High-five mods smiley

Hey Sorry guys I already got what I need(:

Ok, I will dump this thread and start new one, because there has been few changes to system.Im starting to value cards in clintz instead of indexes,

Current prices (in clintz)

Card Trade(Buy) - Trade(Sell) (Bulk price for clintz)
Rodney 750 - 850 (876)
Eris 1560 - 1880 (1936)
Herman 3290 - 3520 (3626)
Mawpin 910 - 980 (1009)
Pyro 1150 - 1310 (1349)
Burdock 770 - 840 (865)
Corrina 930 - 1090 (1123)

Here is link to my market chart that will be the source of updates instead of writing messages to next thread.

Currently the best deal is this:

Buy Erises from market under my buyprice, buy mawpins from me and sell them at marketprice which currently seems to be 1099. I expect Mawpins price to rise eventually higher too, so thats a good deal.

I would do this myself, but Im saving my clintz for other market investments. If you want to buy Mawpins from somebody else at 980 value - good luck on that sir. Oh, and yes, Im selling some of my Mawpins on the market too, because the price is good.

This thread ends here, I'll write tomorrow better description of my trade platform on a brand new thread.

My Lao Cr for 740/000 clintz in cash or your cards - in 750.000 clintz eqiualent

Hi i want to trade my Kerozinn Cr FULL XP for your Melissa Cr. PM if interested. Thanks

Trade Diana for Numar

Nobody has any for sale?

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.

I'll trade my

Two dalihas
And all my other one I don't use like Norman Gus Victoria and more

thursday 11/08/2011

How do you get 10 m cash!

Look on the market, there's occasionally one on sale for 16300

Already traded thanks mods smiley

Lock this pls, it was done.

As the title says, pm if interested. Kerozinn is full XP, Praxie is either full XP or 0XP you choose. Don't care whether Melissa Cr is full or 0 XP.


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