thursday 11/08/2011

Full or 0xp ?

Ill buy
drorb 150clints each if you sell me more than 100 ill pay 175 each
onyx 350 clints each

All the offerts are negotiable and my valuation of cortez is based on the market so now it's around 80k

Dagg 0 exp and c beast 0 exp

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.

I don't have a lot of clintz, but I a few doubles, and a few cards I really want.
Cards to trade:
4 Dallas
4 Lola
5 Melanie
Lots of Eggman...
5 Mawpin
2 Bloodh
2 Tula
2 Logan
2 C Beast
2 Krung

Cards I want:
C Wing

PM me for faster results.

Thanks Mods

Please close. thank you mods and sorry for the inconvenience

What kind of cards are you looking for?

I'm willing to trade my Tanaereva Cr (~187000) for Jackie Cr (~101000) + Caelus Cr (~85000)
If you are interestd PM me smiley

I have aquired a Kolos, thanks for the offers

wednesday 10/08/2011

If you have more than 1 0xp i can pay moresmiley

Ok the cortez has been traded for kolos+15k. mods you can close the post. thanks

For a Rolph...PM me if interested.

I'm looking to trade away my collection of piranas, which I value at about 11K clintz. I'm not searching for anything in particular, maybe a Praxie, but as long as the trade is fair any card(s) are cool by me. So if you see something interesting, just send me a PM and we'll work something out.

these are the cards I have; (all full xp)
Aktara, Andsom, Coleridge, Cyan, Dante,
Deadeye, Ector, Goldie, Gran Vista, Greesh,
Hawkins Noel, Kristin, Mayhem, Puff, Rhed,
Sliman,, Spycee, Sting, Taljion, Trey and Wheeler

Don't be shy! Every deal is welcome!smiley

Thanks mods.

Now i have:
Montana: Sharon (0xp)
Bangers: Juicy Lord (0xp), Fixit (0xp)
Freaks: Cassandra, Olga
Skeelz: Snowflake (0xp), Sasha (0xp), Eloxia
Junkz: Gibson, Neil
La Junta: Trish, Thormund
Leader: Hugo
Berzerk: Beef (0xp), Gus (0xp), Elvis (0xp)
Piranas:Sting, Hawkins
Fang Pi Clang: Hattori

im looking for:
Vortex: Shaakarti, Dagg, Dregn
GHEIST: Leviatonn, Erika, Ludmilla, Strynge.
Nightmare: Azgroth, Ghumbo, Kolos.
Jungo: Bragh, Chill, Niva, Sylth, Mindy, Ongh

Spinng- 0exp cards are worth more than full cards so his price is slightly off, by 5k, look on the market

Buying lot ace at 0exp at 275

170k clintz. Send me a PM.

No thanks, i'm looking for more than that

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