wednesday 10/08/2011

Have a No Nam, and Globumm + 7k in Clintz...PM me if interested.

tuesday 09/08/2011

Beltran is still available for offers in the region of 100k , straight swaps for the cards listed above .

Sold for robb cr full xp + 10k smiley

thanks mods

Hi i want to trade my:

6 Graks, all full XP,
1 Caelus Cr full XP,
and 1 Numar 0 XP

For either a Tessa Cr or a Sigmund Cr. Prices have gone nuts for both of these, but pm me if interested. Even if you want more PM and we can negotiate.


Looking to trade my 150 copies of Esmeralda, all full XP, for 1 Tanaereva Cr.

PM me if interested. Any offers considered.


Sorry folk sale is closed found a buyer

jin2k3 thats the prize of collection full & i think 150-200k is a good comp. for 656 0exp cards
Marlysa Cr ----950k Elya Cr ----300k Lamar Cr ----370k Nahi Cr 0XP ---105k Diyo Cr ----50k Cassio Cr ---60k
total ---- 1M835
if u add a card as tessa cr i will can accept smiley

I offer Skullface Cr 0xp more Kreen Cr for Tanaereva Cr and 4k

Pm me for negociation

Up, i don't need Lin Xia anymore

Can I have caelus for a whole lot of montanas

No one intrested in my offer? smiley

Tanaereva Cr + Cortez + 20k clintz?

Hello people i trade my dj korr cr 0exp for dj korr cr full+ 1 tanaereva cr 0exp+cortez+taylor

if you are interested contact me here or in private, the complement is negotiable.

thank modsmiley

Funny thought if you sold all your Uppers to buy him.

Jackie Cr= 100k
Robb Cr= 50k
Tanaereva Cr=180k
jim cr=175k
I accept also other cards and clintz (for example I give you jim cr you give me jackie cr+robb cr+dahlia),but at least one card must be one of these:
tanaereva cr,jackie cr,robb cr,dagg.
I'd prefer not to be given clintz (5% goes to kate and I don't want to lose thousands of clintz) but you can add max. 10.000 clintz.

For 100.000 and Kolos, Ghumbo, Kenny, Oshitsune and Glorg.smiley

I am willing to trade smokey cr noodile cr admiral py cr toro rolph wardom ahkab for your vickie cr

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