saturday 23/07/2011

If u have dregn ill buy it or trade for it pm me plzz

I am willing to offer my Smokey Cr (full) and Gil for your Kolos +1k.
As of now my cards are worth ~62k market price, while Kolos is valued at around 60k.

I'm looking for around 275k in cards or clintz. I like doing trades if the price is right. If you're offering unusable crs be reasonable and don't argue they have the same value as a usable one. Private messages are best.

Im looking for a spiaghi card for around 3.8k pm if deal

I'm tracking after a Kolos. I'm offering 50k (negociable) for them. Can be max or 1* doesn't matter.

In Trade, i can offer cards in same value that AREN'T Jungos, Fang Pi Clang, Vortex And Berezk (Might negociate Taylor and Lola).

Contact by pm.

Already got a kolos. thanks, you may close!

I got Tanaerva Cr.
Don't have Kolos or Graks anymore but have added Cortez.

For 30k maybe price check those bub on the market smiley

I buy for 170 clintz cards with 3*, the only conditions are that they must be at lvl 1 and with 0 exp. Just put it into a private sale and I'll buy them.

1 only for full lamar +30k clintz or best offer
1 for card like tessa cr or like tanaereva cr jackie cr splata cr kerozinn cr
thnks modsmiley

Leviatonn 12k
Dagg 32k
Toro 10k
Wardom 13k

Selling 6x nodile cr 0exp and 1x nodile cr full at 18,500 each
Also looking forward to trading them for Nightmare or berszerkz cards

Oops sorry guys, Gil is no longer available i traded him....
BUTTTT I still have Rowdy to rade + 29.2k
That equals to 51k!!!!!! So yeh pls PM me for trade

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