friday 16/09/2011

Please check my new offer

thursday 15/09/2011

Hello all smiley

This is gonna be a real simple one smiley

My Marco 0xp + Taylor 0xp for your Caelus Cr 0xp


My Marco 0xp + Charlie 0xp for your Jackie Cr 0xp

Please pm me for a faster deal smiley

As Always Thanks Mods for Posting smiley

Look up E10din with those elvis i know hes been collecting them up i may drop you a pm for some cards gotta see what i have and what i want to trade

Still looking to trade dragan cr 0xp for full xp + compliment there is currently a 7k diff and a 25k diff so maybe meet in the middle at like 16k(not what i hoped for when i got the 0xp dragan cr but i guess it will have to do)

Not straight up you find bout 25k more and ill do it maybe another copper or somthing

Good luck getting the dj you would prolly have better luck on the french channel from what i hear smiley

I want to offer the following for alec cr:
Veenyle Cr
Chikko cr
Wee lee
and 30k

pm me
also looking for 0xp

Thanks mods

Special prize! 2 Dregn & 1 Dagg -> 7 Veenyle smileysmileysmiley

Mediun edwin price to calculate 650 clintz thnakx

Now have a Graksmmxxt 0xp too. Come on guys, nobody has the cards I want?
All cards are still there!

Still looking/Hurry up guys/

Hi to everybody

I sell or exchange:

x5 Numar 0xp 32500 c/1

x1 Ombre 0xp 196000

x1 Thaumaturge cr 95500

x40 Selina 0xp 6300 c/1

x35 Elvis 0xp 6400 c/1

I need clintz but I accept proposals

thanks mod -_^

I would trade my cortez full xp for dregn or marco...please give me a pm..smiley

Up nobody can help me?smiley nobody is interested to this wonderful mr dj korr cr smiley come on smiley

Either of the 2.

No scams from me. I'm straight forward on it. what you see is what you get. I don't do scams.
and nearly all the decent cards are overpriced by about the same amount.

I'll trade my kerozinn cr for 4 of your marco. I won't take clintz, and I might consider it if you have 3 marco, tsubane, and numar.

PM me if you have the marco, I will refuse any other offer. Thank you mods

Tanaereva Cr
linked for reference.smiley

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