saturday 23/07/2011

Leviatonn 12k
Dagg 32k
Toro 10k
Wardom 13k

Selling 6x nodile cr 0exp and 1x nodile cr full at 18,500 each
Also looking forward to trading them for Nightmare or berszerkz cards

Oops sorry guys, Gil is no longer available i traded him....
BUTTTT I still have Rowdy to rade + 29.2k
That equals to 51k!!!!!! So yeh pls PM me for trade

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Tell the price you want to buy it : only with clintz, it’s not an exchange.

How many Stellas?

I'll BUY ALL OF YOUR PUFF 200Clintz Each..

Put it on my Private Sell..I BUY FAST!

Only 17k!!! Message me

Trading a kreen cr full + noodile cr 0exp + noodile cr lvl 1 pfull + clintz if needed
150 x melanie

Thank you close please

I want to buy all you eloxia for 3300 each

Well, this is what I want:

- Jackie Cr Full + Taylor

And this what I offer:

- Jackie Cr 0 exp. + Spiaghi

It can be talked but I'm very interested in Taylor smiley

Want to sell kolos 66k or trade for dregn pm me if wanna make other offer


I'm trading those cards for Cortez 0xp or full it doesn't matter to me

friday 22/07/2011

It's called "spiking" by spiking your spiking there price.. most of them times it's a complete FAIL unless you have money to blow.. you have to do it when there are small amounts of cards and you should do it with a friend or a Guild.. Like There's a few Business guilds like City of Business they spiked Rolph 's price from 3K to 10K in a month now it's permenately like that.. Well for the mean while.. but, the thing is.. there wasn't alot of rolph because he was banned from elo smiley so lots of people sold him off when they didn't need him and alot of people dont play ghiest in Survivor (some not many) and alot of people dont play them in Daily Tournaments so.. he wasn't getting played much and the only hope of him staying a strong price was him being CR speculated so.. the COB just basically spiked his price and stayed constant with it for a month and now they are reaping rewards.. but, one guy has over 1000+ Rolph 's being worth a pretty penny so now he has to trade.. and sell cautiously because if he just loads them off to the market he will crash his price.. Well basically what I'm saying

1.) you have to have loads of cash (the cheaper the card the more copies it has...)
2.) try having a partner(s) to help you so that you wont be the only one watching and 4 eyes are better then 2 smiley
3.) stay consistant and try not to give up if your motivated to make profit
4.) make extra sure you do your research on the card before you do it so you won't lose out smiley



Eloxia costs around 3500 clintz now

No longer looking for Marlysa Cr.
Both Dragan cr & sum sam cr are still up for sale or trade smiley

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