tuesday 09/08/2011

When I sell all the cards I lost 5% by every card and so I get not enough Clintz to buy Dregn

Still looking smiley

Looking to buy a deck of commons(thats better than the starting deck)preferably all from the same clan

Taylor is in lvl2. + 27k.

I add it to 5.45M cash!! thanks.

Still looking guys i am looking for other cards too just make me a offer

monday 08/08/2011

I'm looking for 30 0xp Sunders. I'm giving a 0xp Zatman for them.

Okay im good on the liam for now lol


thanks everyone for the contributions
thanks mods for doing what you do

see ya soon trade,sale,purchases

Hes lvl2 pm me with offers

Ghumbo +3-4k for your Rowdy

(buy) Jackie Cr,Robb Cr, Caelus cr.
Jackie Cr= 100k
Robb Cr= 50k
Caelus cr=88k
Jim Cr=175k

Will buy your Kreen Cr for 42k clintz.

Wtb all your oshitsune per 5000clintz

Anybody selling, please contact me and we will negotiate. thanks.

Pm deal my ambre to your MONA

Hi guys just looking to trade one Drorb(230clintz) for a card of similar value, I dont mindwhat card..examples include Aurelia/ Amelia/ Victoria/ Mojo blah......Up to you smiley

Alec cr??????

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