wednesday 20/07/2011

It's Sold--->Close

Thanks a lot, admins can lock this thread now, thanks a lot

How do i do a SECURE TRADES.ever time i click SECURE TRADES i get a message saying
Errors: haim1000 can't trade characters pleas help me

I already have an offer, i´ll close the subject as soon as trade is made

[Buy] Rhinyo for 2000 clintz

Rass 0xp
instead of clintz I can take playable cards (for example vortex or other CR's)

Please close - thanks mods smiley

Hello, I''m looking to buy Dagg for 35,000.

Why did a mod let this through

Phyllis for 2038 clintz
ill buy

For 30k. just put it in my ps.tnxsmiley

The whole of it being on the message board is for me to get a lower price! smiley

Trade for you dragan cr and elya cr 116 pastor and 350 edwin

Looking to buy a 8 card vortex deck i have 7500 clintz

18 Tsubames for sale

Currently 50K each

PM Or Post

Thx Mods

Why does your thread tag say [Buy] when you are selling your Noodile Cr?

That happened to me too. Is it in your deck atm

Entire Piranas collection without Smokey Cr and Selma for 100,000 clintz.
PM me for other offers

I sell or trade this cards:

617 different characters in 22 clans

I sell for 1225000 clintz or trade for cards that value 1275000 clintz.

Wow... thats alot of crs, wish i had at least one of them lol

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