sunday 11/09/2011

Close! Sold for 900k

I have 62 Noemi, Cortez and 17 000 clintz , so if you are interested just make an offer.

Hello people i'm interested to trade my dj korr cr for guru cr+lyse teria cr

if you are interested contact me for speak in pm or here smiley

thanks modsmiley

I add 50,000 clintz + charlie full xp!

Atm there price is 370 for a 0 exp one, so i could give you a full kolos and peeler for them

Oh sorry. i forgot about that. admins delete this thread if I'm not allowed to have it here.

No reserve prize close

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Shameless self bump, disguised as notice that i only have one copy of robb cr left to trade

I am buying a Sekutor for 16k. Please PM and send a private trade. smiley

saturday 10/09/2011

Piranas are no longer for trade

Still looking for them leave in my PS

I'll trade my Lamar cr full if u gave me 3 cortez 0xp and 2 dregn 0xp
instead of 4 cortez 0xp and 1 dregn 0xp

Jackie cr= 104k 2 kolos = 150k 2 cortez = 140k 2 dregn= 160k... good luck with that though no ones gonna be willing to do this unless they know you... o_O

My smokey cr for your GRAKSMXXT

PM if interested!smileysmileysmiley

Uhhh.....thanks I guess smiley

Still looking smiley

100k for the lot. Message me if interested.

As title says. Send me a PM or private sell smiley

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