tuesday 02/08/2011

None of mine are 0 xp..

Hello gamers, I'm selling my Scarlett Cr.

Price is 1,500,000 but I could also accept clinz+Cr (Tanaereva, Jackie, Robb in particular) smiley smiley

There is someone with it ?

When you cortez 0xp have then kontakt me. i trade with you

Hi i want to trade my peeler and qubik which is 15k and above for hax

thx mods

Thanks a lot to everyone. I got my general. Thread closed.

If this is an auction, there has to be an end date otherwise this is a trade and you will have to make a new thread smiley

Please close it sold on market.

Dallas are gone
I have 10 0xp Quibix left
I have 26 Pastor left (7 i believe are full)

monday 01/08/2011

I have Kolos, Tsubame, Graks, Charlie, Gil among others and looking trade combo's for your Tessa Cr.

Looking to trade value of around 390K.

So how bout:
2 Kolos = 120K
2 Tsubame = 100K
2 Graks = 100K
1 Gil and 1 Numar = 55K
+ 10K Clintz.

I think that's a good offer, Kolos can sell for 63K if you are patient, Graks has been popular recently, selling for around 55K, Gil will be a winner when they bring out Junkz LD character etc etc. Can mix and match different cards if you prefer, pm me if interested.


I am looking for bulk dolly and elke and ludmilla
I value dolly at 400 each
I value Elke at 330 each
I value ludmilla at 550 each

I am open for negotiations I might increase their value if you pm me thanks - Jethro.

Closed my post please smiley

My jakson for your ghumbo

Okay, try to actually read the whole thing or you won't be able to truly understand this offer. smiley

I'm a B.I.G. Uppers and Junkz freak but, no one ever answers my offers when I bring them up. I'm actually making deals that are good on both of our behalfs.
Sadly, you people expect me to be an arrogant fool and trade a Jackie Cr for Cealus and 5 Clintz… so I you actually want fair offers I have the best one yet. I'm not stupid and I have a calculator so, here it is.

I'm looking for about 3 Rowdy and any if not all numbers of Berzerk cards.
I will trade a couple Gil and any Skeelz besides Cealus Cr for your offers… of course if you don't know I am a loyal iPhone user so I'm always on and so we can trust eachother, the trade will go through a moderator. (preferably a French, English, or Itallino one)
This offer will last for about a year since I have an increasing amount of Skeelz. I will hear out any offers and only answer them by PM (Privet Message) or BM (Bussiness Message). Please contact me as soon as possable if you have an offer.

Buying Redra at 485 for singles and 500 for 10 or more .

Alec Cr for Dregn+ Clintz, or Dregn and cards. Pm me for negotiations

I can offer my jackie cr + clintz

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