thursday 04/08/2011

Would you like to sell youur Tessa Cr to me for 400 000 clintz?

I wonder if juantrevino is serious?

Dj Korr Cr just for reference

Still loooking

Pm me. btw my cortez is level 5. smiley

4k each buy them now!!!!!!!!!smileysmiley

wednesday 03/08/2011

Buy General CR 6.500.000 Clintz

In my private sales please!

Willing to trade Kolos for Diyo CR; prefer getting Kolos to Mona and will trade for either one instead of both at a time if preferable

You may close, alredy got them for a lower price smiley

I have Dalhia, Bloodh, Ahkab, Taylor, & Lola. Looking for Kreen Cr, & Ongh. and other Jungos as well.

Clintz= 100000
Jackie Cr = 100000
cartas: Dorian Zatman jackson Hawk Praxie Chiara

por Kerozinn Cr = 275000 clintz

And 30 C Wing full. The Oflgn are full too smiley
I'm looking for Berzerks, cash, collectors, Graksmxxt and anything reasonable.
Pm me for faster response.

I have a jackie cr? what will you offer?

Also I am searching for a uranus let me know if you can't to work out a package deal. Personal message me to negotiate, thank you.

Already sold.

you may close, Mods.

Hi, I'm trading my Vickie cr and Smokey cr for your cards. I'm after Alec Cr, cortez, dregn and clintz. Thanks

Beef - 2900 clintz

Hello everyone,

im looking for 1 of this 3 Cards:

Vickie Cr Splata Cr or Tessa Cr!

I can offer:

2x Cortez ( 1x Lvl 2 and 1x lvl 4) ,1x Kolos (0 Xp) and some other cards,like Marco,lola,C Wing or Taylor!

Or for Ongh + compliment

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