thursday 08/09/2011

As the title says im looking for a reine CR willing to pay 160k

He means Stella x 3 not a lvl 3 Stella for the confused people who can't work out the obvious smiley

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> Scarlett Cr 0xp----1,7m
> Splata Cr 0xp--- 300k
> lammar cr 0xp--- 400k
> Armanda Cr 0xp--- 800k
> 2 Rass Cr 0xp----1,4m -------------------------
> 2 Elya Cr full --- 625k
Flavio Cr ----730k
> 30 Niva full----270k

wednesday 07/09/2011

Its not a good investment move as Jackie Cr's price will rise alot higher than Ombre Cr as he has been a Cr for much longer

Is anyone willing to sell me Dregn for 64500? Thats all the money I got.

I offer 50000 Clintz for Charlie and Yayoi.

Got a trade done. Thanks mods.

Any card you wanna trade with my uranus? i kinda want 2 cards...
for example...hawk+coby..

I have 230 copies of baby Q for sale.
for 450k ( 450.000 clintz)

We could als trade 230x BABY Q ''s for ---> 3x Jackie Cr full

Pm me for faster response.

I got full exp tanaereva cr but that not a good deal

I have 28 kolos, 20 full xp and 8 0 xp. I'm looking for 75k a piece and I'll consider card offers. No unusable crs please. Private messages are best.

Since no one is interesed I`ll close this.

Looking for Oflgn Shaakarti Dagg
pm for faster trades

Close this offer

I wanna trade my jackie Cr full for:

6-7 Taylor (depending on market price)


16-17 Lola (depending on market price)

i can add cards and/or clintz to help balance out the trade. Contact via PM

Thanks Mods for Posting

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