friday 02/09/2011

Now I can give 84 000 + Taylor and Cortez !!!!!! smiley

3 0xp and 16 full

Whoops......My Bad......While I do appreciate a nice compliment, I would prefer a good complement for these trades smiley

Trading my 0xp Blaaster for any rare cards or uncommon in these clans!

- Jungo
- Nightmare
- Piranas
- All Stars
- Skeelz cards

cards trade for Blaaster must be equal value or more!

I'm searchin for 100 brandon for 16-17k
pm me smiley

I give my jim cr for your jacky cr and 2 zatmans or 30000 clintz i would accept an other offer too

pls private message

Can u write it on a post cause I'm on iPod and u can't scroll down smiley

Dickering is not arguing. I agree that it's his choice.
It's a common practice in trading to haggle about it, sheesh.smiley

I'll trade you for my Jackie Cr full + 8k.
PM me.

Looking for either straight clintz, playable crs of less value than Rass Cr (Tanaereva Cr, Lamar Cr, Vickie Cr), cards worth more than 30K, or some combination of the above.

Serena 7300 I buyed it for 8000

I can swap cards I don't care I just want new cards

thursday 01/09/2011

The 40 x Ace 0xp are gone.....keep those offers coming smiley

Or give me any offer for your graksmxxt... smiley

Im sure i will have the total amount of cash when these cards sell, if you would like any of them please check my current sales and add them to an amount of cash. Or just post a cash sum and il message you when i have the total funds.

At time of this post i have 59k


Up.I said that since I was already offer 1175k cash.
I am looking for 1250k cash or 1275 in cards

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