thursday 14/07/2011

I am looking to buy zodiack's if you are interested please pm or post here trying to stay at 400 clintz doesnt matter what xp

I am looking to buy it for about 95k but it is negotiable.

I have enough of them, but i can't contact you. answer if you still want a deal.

wednesday 13/07/2011

My guru +vickie for your lyse + +100k
valued at about 6.47m


I'm selling Manon Cr full xp

I want Taylor, Stella, Vortex and Crs or Ca$h smiley

Give me your offers smiley

If you want to make any of these opportunities feel free to start secure trade with mentioned items. This offer is valid until Herman stable market price rises to 3450... after that I'll rather keep the Hermans for profits I just dont know when that will happen for permanent so I'd rather trade now for cards I want. smiley

I want to trade robb cr and 200 ivana for alec cr

the 200 ivana is negotiable i can add something else instead of her

pm me

thanks mods

I selling a morphun 0exp fr 16k-17k clintz message me if you want him.

Title says it all, i am selling Wardog, Bryan and Jane Ramba at market price, thanks.

Squishie, send me a message. I'll help you get a deck together. smiley Always nice to push a new player in the right direction.

Anyone interested ?

i want to trade my 280 wanda+ 15k against your tessa cr and tana smiley
but you can make other offers smiley

Exactly that was a massive fail on my behalf. Anyway if someone has a bulk of 10 I will buy for 1050 and a bulk of 20 for 1100 and so on.

How many Gary and Mort bax????
I trade for example :
Dalhia for 40 Gary+10 mort Bax
Selma for 20 Gary+15 mort bax
Bloodh for 20 Gary+15 mort bax
Ahkab for 30 Gary+15 mort bax
Hawkins for 20 Gary+15 mort bax

Robb Cr fluctuating too much for my preference, but am still looking to trade for other Crs. I will value my Robb Cr 0exp at 60,000 each.

Only PM me if you are interested to trade your Crs at 60,000 for each Robb Cr. Thread is otherwise closed.

Im selling my 0xp Ambre for 28,000 clintzz message me or post here. smiley

No Trades .

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