tuesday 12/07/2011

Vickie cr would be lovely smileysmileysmileysmiley

I would like to trade my Kerry 0xp for your C Wing and C Beast, any xp.

Send me a secure trade if you're interested. Thanks mods.

For reference

Kerozinn Cr

Fair deal.

Thx a lot

I'm looking for Leviathons, Wardoms and Toros in any combination and idc about xp

Selsya Cr 132,000 clintz
Leviathon 12,000 clintz
Wardom 14,000 clintz
Toro 11,000 clintz

Thx a lot

For Sale: Cortez 0xp
Price ; 70k

(People who ask me why it's not on the market, I like dealing directly with people.)

Card has been sold

I'm selling rass Cr

i'm looking for:

- 10 Copper
-1 Jackie
-1 Cortez

and 200K Clintz cash

PM me if you are interested smiley

Selling murphy in bulk reasonable offers please, 1 murphy is sold at 1200clintz

Or my Gordon to your Lola

PS. mods can you please add Lola to the title... thanks

Scratch burger i dont need him anymore. So Dalhia for Naginata Bryan and Gatline or just 1 Emethsmiley
Anyone if you choose to trade all 3 you save like 5000 6000ish Clintz

Im selling Taylor for 17100 clintz msg me if you want him i also might haggle but not to low

Easy as pie: one card for the other, regardless of market fluctuations.
I would accept Cortez full exp, as I intend to use him to play.

Just send me a pm if interested.
Thanks to the mods.

I have A mix of card that are all 0exp that I would like to sell or trade.

Alec cr / a award cr / reine cr / Chad bread cr / kolos / grakmxxt / Charlie / shaakarti

asking price is 600k ( market price is always changing so it's not the final price I'm looking for)
I would like clintz or crs (looking for crs that I don't have like rass cr ect)
pm me with your offer and if you have any questions


Id like the vortex clan. pm me and we can work out a deal

Also willing to do alternative offers, just pm me / comment smiley

monday 11/07/2011

Please close this thread i found what i was looking for

Im looking to trade smokey cr for about 20 Dallas. pm me if interest

thanks mods for posting

I want to trade 3 Tanareva crs lvl 3 against vickie cr and kerozinn cr

please write me a pm
thanks to mod

For 6400, yes?

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