saturday 06/08/2011

Hi i want to trade boris rhyno jautnya beef and nistarok fo vholt

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.

I have 63000 clintz...looking to buy soon...have several sales listed so could potentially be more than 63000. PM me if interested.

They swidz can be at either 0xp o full thanks

Your Cortez for my 2 Kreen Cr.

Pm me if interested. Thanks.

I have
and others

pm me

friday 05/08/2011

No more bids?

As the title says. pm me with offers. thanks.

im offering:
15x Stacey (9x 0 xp, 6x Full), 1x Cortez 0 XP,1x Dagg Full XP, 5x Beef Full XP, 6x Ray 0 XP + 25.000 Clintz cash

for 1x Vickie Cr FULL XP!

PM ME if your interested!!!

Dance smiley

Note: my jackie is full XP

I offer Beltran Cr 0 xp + 3 Noodile Cr full for your Tana. Let me know...

Close this please, thx

I am looking for Marlysa CR. PM me if you have one for trade and things you may be interested in. I am offering 400k and Tessa CR. Another trade I could do is 550k and Splata CR. I have more clintz and cards available if you need something else.

I want to trade my Caelus Cr for Jackie Cr.

If interested, please mp me.

Hi guys,
I would like to trade a Jackie Cr for 15 Serena 0xp.
If interested, please mp me.

That's all folkssmiley

I have 90x randy to trade for card(s) or clintz.

43x 0exp
2x lvl 2
45x lvl 3.

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