monday 04/07/2011

I just want my colossus rank back

I want the following gheist cards for my graks

toro 13k
livietonn 13k
bristone 1k
arkn 2k
z3r0 d34d 4.5k
rolph 8.5k
methane 4k

that adds up to 46k and i will change that if i under or quoted some extra clintz (3000) will probably be necessary but it is negotiable

Im looking to trade Elya Cr for either Copies of Jackie Cr or Alec Cr Pm me if your intrested

No one want trade Taylor?

sunday 03/07/2011

Hi, i have for offer
4x Taylor --> 2 0xp = 40200
35Kawamashi = 42000
12 Maurice 0xp= 64200
3 Nellie 2 Rubie = 15000
57 Wendel = 142500

----->>>>>>> 304000
i´m looking for Caelus Cr (88,8k) , Jackie Cr ( 106k) , Alec Cr (105k) total 300k + add some card to 4 k

Thanks smiley

Pretty straightforward, I have 2 extra Selma and an extra Bloodh, but no Dahlia or Hawkins. PM me for faster results. Thank you.

I have Ambrose + Vickie to sell for Clintz and or Cards. Ambrose currently at 299K (and this is a LOT lower than next lowest price), and Vickie is currently 242K.

I need the following cards -
Kerozinn (250K),
Splata (284K),
Miss Twice (146K),
Geuner (57K),
Page (53K),
Alec (105K)
Swidz (80K)

Any combos and offers considered.

Im trading my Kolos which i value at 56k for the following Rescue cards.

Pm me if you would like to trade. Give me a day to reply at max.

20 Miss Ming full xp -» 360 each // 7200 total
8 Miss Ming 0xp -» 440 each // 3520 total
10 Lihoi Chun full xp -» 160 each // 1600 total
10 Mini Mosu full xp -» 150 each // 1500 total
10 Natrang full xp -» 200 each // 2000 total
10 Otome full xp -» 155 each // 1550 total
10 Tatane full xp -» 185 each // 1850 total
19220 for all of them

Gil is worth 19400, so I thinks it is a fair trade

I offer Elya Cr plus clintz pm me for a deal

All cards are still there, plus shogunn and shann

I trade Tessa Cr for Kolos, Graks, Charlie, Yayoi, Gil, Lehane + other stuff... In your offers must be Kolos, Graks and Gil... smiley

I was thinking the same thingsmiley

Close please

Hopefully cheaper than market price. Around 53k would be nice. Just send me a PM.

I fear this deal will not last long, so if you're reading this, I'd advise you to make your decision quickly.
My Graksmxxt and Kolos (both full xp)
for YOUR Jackie Cr (any xp value)

Do the math, you receive rougly 105K worth of cards and you give me 100K worth... that's a 5K profit. No strings attached. PM me and let's get the deal started smiley

Pm or secure trade for faster response.

Thx a lot.

He has other cards like he said in the thread

Alec Cr is no longer available.
I would like Miss Twice for Nahi Cr and can make up the difference in clintz or cards to be Negotiated.

I am also looking for Miss Twice cr I can make up difference in cards or trade to be negotiated

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